Jan 11th 2023

Buying Contacts Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying Contacts Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, you need contacts. Now what? Whether you’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for years or you just found out you need corrective lenses, buying contact lenses online can be a great way to save money on your prescription. However, it’s critical to ensure that you’re not saving money at the expense of your eye health. Here are a few essential questions to ask before buying your contacts online, how to practice proper contact eye care, and some essential things to think about before shopping for your next prescription online!

• How long will it take my contact eye care order to ship?
• Do you trust the company with your personal credit card information?
• Does the company offer customer service?
• What is the company’s return policy?

How Long Will It Take My Contact Eye Care Order to Ship?

If you’re trying to shop for a hard or soft contact lens you can buy online, the company’s ability to ship your order quickly is essential. Many companies list their shipping times on their website, but you can also obtain this information by calling the company’s customer service phone number. Some brands of hard contacts, as well as soft contacts, are not as popular as others and are therefore not kept in stock at all times. On the other hand, some brands are incredibly popular and are hard to maintain in stock for that reason.

How Trustworthy Is the Company?

If you’re going to buy contact lens online, you need to know if you can trust the company with your credit card information. To verify a company’s trustworthiness, look for a Trustmark. One of the most popular Trustmark’s is the “verified by Visa” logo or image. Another way to ensure your information is processed safely is to check the company’s URL. If the URL begins with “https,” you should be on a secure server. If the beginning of the URL is missing the “s” at the end, this company’s server is not safe, and your information is at risk.

Does the Company Offer Customer Service?

If you’re looking to buy contact lenses online, it’s reasonable to believe that you may have questions. When you want to contact a company to gain information, such as the earlier inquiry about shipping times, it’s essential to be able to do so with ease. Many companies have chat services or email addresses where you can reach customer service representatives. Be wary of companies that do not provide contact information, especially a phone number, for customer service purposes.

What Is the Company’s Return Policy?

You can easily buy contact lenses online, but what about if you have a problem with them? If soft contacts tear or one is damaged, what is the return policy of the company? Determining what a company’s return policy is in case your contacts are damaged or your prescription changes can help you decide which company is the best one from which to buy contact lenses online.

What Kind of Contacts Do I Need?

When your doctor prescribes you with contacts, they will determine which style is best for your needs. Contacts come in two primary forms: hard contacts and soft contacts. Each style comes with advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to be open and honest with your doctor about which form you both believe is best for you. Regardless of the style you choose, it’s also imperative to speak with your doctor about proper contact eye care and how to practice it.

What Are Hard Contacts?

Hard contacts, also known as semi-rigid gas permeables or RGPs, are a semi-flexible plastic-like disc that fits the shape of the wearer’s cornea. Hard contacts were initially made of glass and then transitioned to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). This style was uncomfortable because it didn’t allow for any air passage and required more lubrication through more frequent blinking. Thankfully, companies have made comfort a priority, and most RGP hard contacts now use silicon for added flexibility.

Although hard contacts have become more comfortable over time, users are still able to feel the lens in their eyes. Many people find this annoying, even though the feeling may be less apparent over time. Here are a few things to think about when researching hard contacts:

• RGP contacts hold their shape better than soft contacts and provide vision that is a crisper quality.
• Hard contacts are more durable than soft contacts. RGP lenses do not contain water, and one pair can last several years with proper contact eye care.
• Users must wear RGP lenses daily to avoid discomfort from switching between lenses and glasses.

What Are Soft Contacts?

Many people choose soft contacts over hard contacts because they’re generally more comfortable and require less contact eye care than hard contacts. Soft contacts contain between 37 to 80 percent water, and people can wear them for different lengths of time depending on the brand and intended use. Soft contacts can correct a variety of eyesight problems, and although not necessarily inexpensive, they are affordable to the majority of people.

Soft contacts are suitable for extended wear as well as those who may be worried about experiencing discomfort with hard contacts. Although many types of soft contacts are reusable for weeks at a time, they require contact eye care to avoid the buildup of proteins and lipids that lead to infections. Soft contacts have several perks that you should consider when deciding which contact style is best for you:

• Soft contacts come in a variety of corrections and colors. You can choose to correct your vision alone, or you can add a change in eye color to the mix as well!
• Many brands of contacts offer daily and monthly varieties.
• Once you place soft contacts in your eye, they stay in place and are generally more comfortable to wear.

Contact Eye Care

Practicing appropriate contact eye care is essential to keeping your eyes happy and healthy. To keep your soft contacts clean, you should rinse them every day with the proper cleaning solution and use a contact lens case that you fill with new solution after each use.

Another way to practice appropriate contact eye care is to make sure that you are washing your hands before touching your eyes. Touching your hands or contacts with dirty hands can transfer lotion, dirt, or other materials to your eyes that can damage your cornea.


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