Suffering from dry eyes can make finding comfortable, hydrating contact lenses feel like a struggle. Thankfully, Biofinity lenses are changing the game, providing superior hydration and unmatched vision performance so you can focus on the important things in life. Biofinity lenses utilize Aquaform Technology, a combination of exclusive materials that increases oxygen transmission and moisture for all-day comfort and clarity.

Biofinity uses a unique silicone hydrogel contact lens to give you the best vision of your life, not just during the day but for up to seven days of continuous wear. The company also engineered Biofinity Energys with Digital Zone Optics, the first contact lenses designed specifically for use in the digital age. Whether you need to accommodate a simple nearsighted prescription with Biofinity, an extended range prescription with Biofinity XR, or a combination of presbyopia and astigmatism with Biofinity toric multifocal, you can treat yourself to long-lasting comfort and impressive performance with Biofinity.