DAILIES contact lenses were created by the Alcon brand. Alcon is known for their trustworthy and innovative products in the eyecare industry. Originating as a modest ophthalmic shop around 80 years ago, Alcon has since transformed into a global eyecare manufacturer.

About DAILIES Contacts

DAILIES is a flagship brand under the renowned eye care company, Alcon. Founded in 1945, Alcon has cemented its reputation as a global leader in eye care products. Headquartered in Geneva, Alcon is a Swiss-made international company providing innovative solutions for eyewear professionals and consumers across the world..

DAILIES contact lenses are especially unique due to their innovative technology and emphasis on comfort. These contacts feature water gradient technology in the DAILIES TotalOne series. This unique technology ensures a cushioned, silky lens surface resulting in enhanced breathability and reduced eye fatigue. The brand also introduced moisturizing agents in the DAILIES AquaComfort Plus line, ensuring all-day hydration and comfort for wearers.

DAILIES continues to set the benchmark for daily disposable contact lenses with decades of research and commitment to advancing eye care, leading to an improved sense of safety and user satisfaction

DAILIES Contacts Replacement Schedule

Understanding the replacement schedule for contact lenses is crucial for optimal vision and maintaining the health and safety of one's eyes. With various brands of contact lenses available on the market, each with its unique replacement guidelines, it may be confusing for wearers. However, with DAILIES contacts, things are quite straightforward.

Every product under the DAILIES brand is designed with daily wear in mind, making the replacement schedule consistent, as DAILIES products are daily disposable contact lenses. This means that each morning, you put in a fresh pair and by the end of the day you should dispose of them. There's no need for complex cleaning routines, or to them properly overnight. Most importantly, there's a significantly reduced risk of infections associated with prolonged wear or improper lens care as with other contact lenses

Daily disposable contacts offer multiple benefits:

  1. Hygiene: Every day begins with a sterile, untouched pair of lenses, reducing the chances of bacterial contamination.
  2. Comfort: Fresh lenses ensure consistent comfort. No buildup of proteins or other residues can damage the lens surface over time.
  3. Convenience: The daily regimen eliminates the need for lens cleaning solutions, making it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or for travelers by saving time.
  4. Eye Health: Reduced exposure to buildup and potential allergens means minimizing risks and leads to a healthier eye environment.
The DAILIES Contacts brand simplifies the contact lens-wearing experience by standardizing the replacement schedule across all its products. Whether you opt for DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, DAILIES Total1, or any other variant, the routine remains the same; One Day, One Pair.

The DAILIES Contacts Product Lineup

DAILIES offers a diverse range of products tailored to address different visual needs and preferences. With state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to eye health, they have created a line of high-quality products designed for maximum comfort, clarity, and convenience. DAILIES ensures a product for every user, from everyday wear to specialized lenses with more intense prescriptions such as astigmatism or presbyopia. Some products are also available in 30 and 90-packs. Listed below is a list of the DAILIES product range.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus: At the heart of daily disposable lenses, these optics feature a triple-action moisturizing system that guarantees day-long comfort. These contacts are perfect for those making the shift to contact lenses, as they provide consistent hydration and a refreshing experience all day long.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal: Tailored for those with presbyopia, these lenses offer seamless vision transitions between different distances. Similar to their non-multifocal counterparts, these lenses deliver daily hydration to ensure consistent comfort.

DAILIES Total1: With groundbreaking water gradient technology, Total1 lenses have a cushioned and silky feel, offering excellent breathability. They are renowned as one of the most comfortable daily lenses, even when worn for extended periods.

DAILIES Total1 for Astigmatism: By merging the comfort of water gradient technology with a specialized design, these lenses are tailored for individuals with astigmatism. They guarantee consistent, sharp vision all day long, accommodating the distinctive shape of astigmatic eyes.

DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal: Designed for presbyopic individuals seeking the comfort of Total1, these multifocal lenses provide clarity at all distances. They effortlessly adapt whether you're reading, working on a computer, or gazing into the distance.

Total30: Pioneering extended wear with outstanding oxygen transmissibility, Total30 lenses are a testament to the DAILIES' innovation. These lenses are crafted for those seeking a longer wear cycle without compromising comfort.

Total30 for Astigmatism: By combining the extended wear features of Total30 with a specialized design for astigmatism, these lenses ensure both clear vision and exceptional comfort, perfectly accommodating the unique needs of the astigmatic eye.

Focus DAILIES: As one of the pioneering products in the DAILIES contact lens lineup, Focus DAILIES has a harmonious balance between convenience and performance. These contacts are suitable for new and long-time contact wearers alike, as they stand as a reliable daily disposable choice.

DAILIES Colors: Merging visual correction with aesthetics, DAILIES Colors enhance the natural eye with color-enriching hues while delivering the same clarity and comfort the DAILIES brand is known for.

Technologies Available by DAILIES Contacts

DAILIES integrates innovative technology into its diverse lineup of contact lenses. These facets not only enhance comfort and visual clarity but also ensure the health and safety of the wearer. Now, let's dive into the cutting-edge technologies harnessed by DAILIES and explore the range of products that harness these innovations:

Technologies Available by DAILIES Contacts

DAILIES integrates innovative technology into its diverse lineup of contact lenses. These facets not only enhance comfort and visual clarity but also ensure the health and safety of the wearer. Now, let's dive into the cutting-edge technologies harnessed by DAILIES and explore the range of products that harness these innovations:

Water Gradient Technology

At the heart of DAILIES' innovation is the Water Gradient Technology that results in a cushioned and silky-smooth lens surface. This technology creates a unique gradient within the lens, with water content gradually increasing from the core to the surface, ultimately reaching nearly 100% at the outermost layer. This design mimics the natural composition of the tear film, ensuring exceptional comfort from the moment you put them on until you remove them at the end of the day. This technology delivers a reduced friction coefficient and enhanced lubricity. This Water gradient technology is used in DAILIES Total 1 and DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal contact lenses.

Triple-Action Moisturizing Agents

This technology is about maintaining hydration throughout the day. By releasing three moisturizing agents with every blink, it delivers tear film stability and ensures consistent comfort. This Triple-Action Moisturizing technology is available in DAILIES AquaComfort Plus and DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal contacts.

Precision Profile Design

Developed specifically for multifocal lenses, this design ensures smooth transitions between varying vision zones. It aids in providing clear vision at near, intermediate, and far distances– resulting in a seamless transition between tasks. The Precision Profile Design technology can be found in DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal and DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal contacts.

Blink-Activated Moisture Technology

This unique technology ensures hydration with every blink, releasing a moisture agent that keeps the lens surface smooth and reduces the potential for dryness. The Focus DAILIES employs this Blink-Activated Moisture technology.

Stabilized Design for Astigmatism

Lenses for astigmatism require a specialized design to prevent rotation and ensure a stable fit on the astigmatic eye. DAILIES employ specific design elements that aid in achieving this; offering consistent and sharp vision. DAILIES Total1 for Astigmatism and Total30 for Astigmatism contact lenses are designed with Stabilizing technology.

High Breathability Material

Oxygen transmissibility is vital for eye health. DAILIES lenses are made with high breathability components to ensure the highest level of oxygen reaches the cornea, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing comfort. This technology is available in DAILIES Total1, Total30, and Total30 for Astigmatism contact lenses.

Light-Adaptive Technology

Light-Adaptive Technology: Several DAILIES lenses are equipped with Light-Adaptive Technology, a remarkable feature that enables them to adapt seamlessly to changing light conditions. This ensures that wearers experience consistent comfort and optimal vision regardless of their surroundings. This technology ensures you can enjoy clear, uninterrupted vision in diverse lighting environments.

DAILIES Contacts are Available for the Following Conditions

DAILIES has meticulously crafted a range of products to address a multitude of eye conditions and refractive errors. Listed below is a closer look into the specific conditions DAILIES products are designed for:

Myopia (Nearsightedness)
Commonly known as nearsightedness, this is a refractive error where distant objects appear blurred while objects nearby are seen clearly. Products suitable for individuals with myopia include DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, DAILIES Total1, Focus DAILIES, DAILIES Colors, and Total30.

Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
Also known as farsightedness, this condition is characterized by clearer vision of distant objects compared to near objects which often appear blurred. Those with hyperopia can opt for: DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, DAILIES Total1, Focus DAILIES, DAILIES Colors, or Total30.

Presbyopia is a natural consequence of aging resulting in the decreased ability to focus on up-close tasks, often necessitating a need for reading glasses. DAILIES offers the DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Multifocal and DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal for individuals with presbyopia.

This arises due to an irregular corneal or lens shape, leading to blurred or distorted vision at varying distances. For those with astigmatism, DAILIES provides the DAILIES Total1 for Astigmatism and Total30 for Astigmatism.

Cosmetic Enhancement
Beyond just vision correction, some individuals are inclined towards lenses that enhance or change their natural eye color. For these aesthetic preferences, DAILIES Colors is an excellent choice.

Dry Eyes
TDry eyes can result from insufficient tear production or deficient tear quality, making wearing contacts a challenge. DAILIES AquaComfort Plus employs triple-action moisturizing agents, DAILIES Total1 with water gradient technology, and Focus DAILIES with blink-activated moisture technology are all designed to provide relief for those suffering from dry eyes.


Are DAILIES good contacts?

Yes. DAILIES contacts are a renowned brand of daily disposable contact lenses known for their comfort, moisturizing agents, and all-day wear capabilities. They are highly convenient as there is no need for cleaning, ensuring users have a fresh pair every day. Health-wise, they present a reduced risk of infections when compared to extended-wear lenses. These contacts come in a variety of options suitable for astigmatism, presbyopia, and other conditions, with some even providing UV protection for added eye safety and comfort.

How long can you wear a pair of DAILIES contacts?

DAILIES contact lenses are designed for one-day use only, meaning that they should be worn for a single day and then discarded. This applies to all DAILIES products, including DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, DAILIES Total1, and any other DAILIES branded daily disposables. Never wear them for longer than the recommended period of time.

Can you shower with DAILIES contacts?

No. Showering with DAILIES contacts is not recommended. Water, including tap and shower water, contains bacteria and other impurities that can adhere to contact lenses and potentially cause eye infections or other issues. It's best to remove contacts before showering to avoid exposing your eyes to harmful contaminants.

How many boxes of DAILIES contacts is a six-month supply?

A six-month supply of DAILIES contacts varies based on the specific product and pack size. For the DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack, you'd need 8 boxes, which equates to 4 boxes per eye. The TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack requires 4 boxes, equating to 2 boxes for each eye. For DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal 30 Pack, a total of 24 boxes is necessary, equating to 12 boxes per eye.

How do I read my DAILIES contact lens prescription?

To understand your DAILIES contact lens prescription from your eye doctor, it’s important to understand the shorthand optometrists & ophthalmologists use.

You'll see terms like OD for the right eye and OS for the left eye, indicating specific corrections. BC indicates the curvature fit of the lens, while DIA represents how the distance across the lens surface. SPH indicates the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness. If you have astigmatism, CYL and AXIS provide essential measurements, and for those with multifocal lenses, the ADD value specifies the required magnification. If you ever have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact your eye doctor for clarification.

Who cannot wear DAILIES contact lenses?

People with certain eye conditions might find wearing DAILIES contact lenses unadvisable or risky. These conditions include severe dry eye syndrome, chronic eye infections, corneal disorders or damage, intense allergies affecting the eyes, and/or inflammatory conditions like uveitis or uncontrolled diabetes. Always consult an eye care professional before choosing contact lenses, and some of these precautions may be specified by the manufacturer.

Are my glasses prescription the same as DAILIES contacts?

No, your glasses prescription and DAILIES contact lens prescription are not the same. While both address vision correction needs, glasses and contacts sit at different distances from the eyes, necessitating different prescriptions. Always consult an eye care professional to get your precise contact lens prescription, even if you already have one for glasses.

How long can I wear DAILIES one-day contacts?

DAILIES one-day contacts are designed for a single day's wear, so after using them for the day they should be disposed of. Single-use daily contacts are not intended for overnight wear or multiple days. Always prioritize eye health and follow usage guidelines.

What are the differences between the DAILIES contact lens product lines?

DAILIES offers several contact lens products, each with unique features:

  1. DAILIES AquaComfort Plus: Triple moisturizing agents for all-day comfort.
  2. DAILIES Total1: Features water gradient technology for exceptional breathability.
  3. DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal: Water gradient multifocal lenses for presbyopia correction.
  4. TOTAL30: Extended wear with high oxygen transmissibility.
Each is designed for specific vision needs and comfort preferences.

Are DAILIES contacts comfortable to wear?

Yes, DAILIES contacts are known for their comfort. The DAILIES AquaComfort Plus employ triple moisturizing agents for sustained comfort, while the DAILIES Total1 utilizes water gradient technology, giving wearers a silky, cushioned lens experience. Their high breathability allows more oxygen to the eye, which reduces fatigue. As daily disposable contacts, they ensure a fresh, deposit-free lens experience every day, further enhancing wearer comfort.

Can you sleep in DAILIES contacts?

No, you should not sleep in DAILIES contacts. Sleeping with contacts can restrict oxygen to the eyes, increasing the risk of infections, corneal ulcers, and other complications. It's crucial to remove them before sleep to maintain eye health and avoid potential adverse effects. Always follow your optometrist's guidelines.

How do you take care of DAILIES contacts?

Maintaining DAILIES contacts is straightforward due to their daily disposable design.Here's a brief guide to ensure optimal use:

  1. Start with clean, dry hands.
  2. Insert contacts before applying makeup.
  3. Avoid exposure to water while wearing.
  4. Discard after a single use; no cleaning or storage is required.

Are DAILIES contacts suitable for people with astigmatism?

Yes, DAILIES contacts cater to individuals with astigmatism. DAILIES Total1 for Astigmatism and Total30 for Astigmatism are designed to address this eye condition, providing clarity and comfort for astigmatic wearers.

How much do DAILIES contacts cost?

DAILIES contact lens prices vary by product. For reference, the DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 30 Pack costs around $25 per box, while the DAILIES Total 1 for Astigmatism 30 Pack is around $46. The most costly version are the DAILIES Total 1 Multifocal 90 Pack due to their correction of presbyopia & larger quantity, and these are around $138 per box.

How do I put in and take out DAILIES contacts?

To help ensure a smooth and comfortable experience with DAILIES contacts, here's a step-by-step guide on inserting and removing your lenses:

Putting In DAILIES Contacts:

  1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  2. Open the lens packet, placing the lens on your index finger.
  3. Use your free hand to hold the upper eyelid. Use the other hand's middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid.
  4. Place the lens on the eye gently.
Taking Out DAILIES Contacts:
  1. Clean hands first.
  2. Look upward whilst sliding the lens to the lower part of the eye using your index finger.
  3. Gently pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger to remove it.
  4. Discard the used lens.

Can you swim with DAILIES contacts?

No. It's not recommended to swim with DAILIES contacts in. Doing so presents risks such as bacterial contamination, potential eye infections, and lens displacement. Always prioritize eye health and remove contacts before swimming to avoid complications.

Can DAILIES contacts correct color blindness?

No, DAILIES contacts do not offer correction for color blindness. Currently, the DAILIES contact lens brand doesn’t have products specifically designed for this eye condition.

Can you wear DAILIES contacts if you have dry eyes?

Yes if you have dry eyes, you can consider DAILIES Total1 with its water gradient technology and DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, which features triple-action moisturizing agents. Both are designed to provide enhanced comfort for dry-eyed wearers.

Can DAILIES contacts be worn during sports activities?

Yes, DAILIES contacts are suitable for sports activities, offering clear vision without frame restrictions. DAILIES Total1 and DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are recommended for their moisture retention and comfort. However, it is always important to wear protective eyewear for high-contact sports to ensure optimal safety.

Do DAILIES contacts come in different colors?

Yes, DAILIES offers colored contacts featured in their DAILIES Colors line. This product provides wearers with both vision correction and aesthetic enhancement, offering various color options to complement or change one's natural eye hue.

Can you wear makeup with DAILIES contacts?

Yes, you can wear makeup with DAILIES contacts. However, you should always ensure to apply contacts before makeup, use hypoallergenic products, and avoid getting makeup directly on the lenses. Always use caution to prevent eye irritations or infections.

How do I know if I am allergic to DAILIES contacts?

Common symptoms of allergies to DAILIES contacts include itching, redness, tearing, or swelling. If any of these symptoms arise, remove the contacts immediately. It's imperative to consult a professional to determine the cause of any eye irritants and ensure eye health.

Can you wear DAILIES contacts if you have sensitive eyes?

Yes, individuals with sensitive eyes can wear DAILIES contacts. DAILIES Total1 and DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are often recommended for those with eye sensitivity due to their hydration technologies. However, the suitability depends largely on the cause of sensitivity, so consulting an optometrist for personalized advice is advised.

Can you wear DAILIES contacts while pregnant?

Yes, wearing DAILIES contacts during pregnancy is generally considered safe. However, hormonal changes can affect vision and eye comfort. It's crucial for expectant mothers to consult a professional before continuing the use of contact lenses to ensure safety, as allergic reactions or other symptoms may impact their pregnancy.

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