Mar 26th 2023

Fun And Healthy Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Fun And Healthy Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Every year, March 17th rolls around and so do tons of pub crawls and drinking contests. But that's not all there is to St Patrick's Day. Since March is also National Nutrition Month, did you know that there are also plenty of family-friendly and healthy traditions that surround the holiday? Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate that don't involve the risk of alcohol poisoning.

1. Drink Green

For St Patrick's Day, it's all about the green drinks, but that doesn't have to mean beer. A perfectly balanced green smoothie goes down just as easy, without the hangover.

2. Corned Beef and Cabbage

This traditional boiled dinner is a nutritional treat with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Lay off on adding the potatoes, or only take a few, and you have a healthy and tasty holiday dinner.

3. Prep Your Camera

Lots of cities light up famous monuments in green for the holiday and now's your chance to grab a pic.

4. Try a Different Style of Irish Coffee

Instead of a shot of whiskey, add a knob of butter to your morning coffee for a drink that is almost a meal all by itself.

5. Enjoy an Irish Tea Time

Pour a cup of Lyons or Barry's tea and enjoy one of the two favorites from the Emerald Isle.

6. Fry up a Traditional Breakfast

Boxty and an egg combine two Irish staples for a sturdy breakfast to energize you for the rest of the day.

7. Practice Your Gaelic

Learn how to say some of your favorite Irish words with the proper pronunciation. This can be an adventure as phonetics are a world away from Gaelic.

8. Theme Your Costume

Dress for the day in bright green, and don't forget fun accessories like colored contact lenses or clover green eyeglasses.

9. Create a St. Patrick's Day Playlist

Irish bands have been taking over the airways, so it should be no trouble to create a playlist full of some of your favorites like U2, Flogging Molly, The Script, The Cranberries, The Dubliners, Enya, etc.

10. Polish Your Irish Step Dance Routine

Great for some exercise and fun, this traditional ethnic dance style is sure to draw a crowd on St Patrick's Day.

St Patrick's Day is a celebration of Ireland and Irish culture. With more than 34.7 million US residents with an Irish ancestry, it should come as no surprise that this holiday is an American staple, but how you celebrate is up to you.
Nick Zelver
Nick Zelver

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