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How Much Do Contacts Cost? Everything You Need to Know!

How Much Do Contacts Cost? Everything You Need to Know!

Apr 14th 2023

Some of the most common questions people have when considering contact lenses include "are contacts expensive?" and "how much do contact lenses cost?" Patients don't want to make the switch, no matter how convenient, until they can comprehensively analyze contact lens prices and compare it with the cost of their glasses.

According to a contact lens manufacturer, the prices of contact lenses range from $175 - $1,400. With this wide margin, it's evident that the answer to this question is not as simple as you might think. Thus, we'll be looking at the varying factors that come into play when determining the costs attached to contact lenses.

The Factors That Determine How Much Contacts Are Costing You

If you're using contact lenses, considering these factors is vital to get an accurate value on how much they cost in the long run. They include:

How Often You Replace Them Affects the Contact Prices

Contact lenses, regardless of variation, integrate a design structure that makes replacements at different intervals a must.

For context, there are daily disposable contacts, weekly or bi weekly and monthly contacts. Therefore, the amount you're spending on eye contacts depends on how often you plan on replacing your contacts.

So, while being the most convenient, daily disposable contact lenses tend to cost more than those designed to last for longer periods. Daily contacts range from about $20 to $50 for a box of six lenses. These contacts cost more than extended-wear contact since you'll keep buying them.

The design of extended-wear contacts enables continuous use for up to 30 days. A box of six lenses should set you back around $60 to $75.

Does the Cost of Contact Lenses Change If You Have an Astigmatism Correction?

A while back, people with astigmatism, a refractive error in the eye that causes blurred vision at all distances, couldn't wear contact lenses.

Although things are changing, the contact lens form needed to correct this type of vision, a toric lens, is more expensive than other contacts in the market. Since eye doctors generally don't recommend that you change these lenses often, you're bound to save more.

Having said that, toric contact lenses correct astigmatism and cost more than regular extended wear lenses. A box of six lenses costs $45 to $65.

Do Contact Lenses Prices Change if You Have Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an eye condition that can increase prices attached to contact lenses. For context, presbyopia is the loss of focusing function that some people experience once they reach the age of 40 or so.

To correct this anomaly, you'll have to use bifocal lenses (with different prescriptions on the top and bottom of the lens). Since they're "double" lenses, you'll have to spend more.

What Material Makes Up the Contact Lenses

Contact lenses incorporate different materials. For example, newer, softer, and breathable contact lenses have silicone hydrogel materials as their make-up.

This make-up allows more oxygen to circulate the eye, giving room for healthier and more comfortable wearing. However, these new materials are more expensive than traditional contact materials.

How Much Do Colored or Special Effects Contact Lenses Cost?

Colored contact lenses change the color of a person's iris and can be fun for (non-surgically) updating your look or for adding that extra touch to a Halloween or masquerade party costume. They even have special effects lenses that make your eyes look black or bloodshot. However, colored and special effects contact lenses generally cost more than clear contact lenses, sometimes up to 80 percent more.

The Contact's Price Depends on Where You Are Purchasing

Purchasing your contacts from a reputable online vendor, such as WebEyeCare.com, is always less expensive. Online eyewear stores like ours don't have the costly overhead that physical stores do, and we happily pass our savings on to you.

As with any online retailer, always pay close attention to the shipping cost on the contact lenses price list, as they can negatively impact online savings if you're not careful. Regardless, when you patronize WebEyeCare.com, you're eligible for free shipping.

Does the Manufacturer Offer a Rebate on the Contacts Cost?

Some contact lens manufacturers offer rebates to entice new and existing patrons to try their latest products. So, it never hurts to ask your eye doctor or contact lens retailer if they have a contact cost rebate that applies to your prescription.

How Expensive Are Custom-made Contacts?

Occasionally, some patients won't fit the standard contact lens sizes and prescriptions. When this happens, they need a lens ideally suited for their eyes.

Most times, these creations apply to uniquely-shaped eyes or unusual prescriptions. Thus, custom-made contact lenses feature a higher price tag than "off-the-shelf" contacts. To clarify how expensive these lenses are, you may have to contact the manufacturers themselves.

How Many Contact Lenses Are You Purchasing at a Time?

As with most other products, manufacturers offer a discount on contact lenses to those purchasing a large quantity at once. However, don't get carried away with quantity discounts; unlike glass lenses, contact lenses have a limited lifespan, usually around four years. So, your package will most likely have an expiration month and year. In addition to the cost of the contact lenses themselves, it's essential to factor in associated costs when buying contact lenses. These include:

Bi-annual Eye Exams

Most doctors recommend having your eyes checked at least twice a year. An eye exam hovers between $50 and $100, with health insurance policies covering the fees attached to most.

Contact Lens Solution

Over-the-counter solutions clean and disinfect your contact lenses, protecting you from eye infections. Since you use them daily, you'll spend around $150 to $200 annually. Daily use contacts don't require solution usage since you'll be changing them every 24 hours.

How Much Is the Contact Lenses Price Affected By Insurance?

Insurance? Several variables may come into play when you establish the costs of prescription contacts, including insurance. Whether your plan affects your contact cost or not depends on your insurer. While some health insurance policies don't cover vision correction and care, others may offer it for an additional fee.

Thus, endeavor to check with your provider to determine whether they're offering coverage for eye care. A health insurance plan that covers vision care may cover the total cost of your contact lenses.

Does Insurance Cover Contacts?

A vision insurance plan will provide total or partial coverage for the cost of your lenses. Usually, a complete eye health insurance package offers free eye care and eyewear, including contacts for a fixed insurance cost and annual premium.

A discount vision insurance plan may provide discounted services upon annual premium payment.

How Much Are Contacts Without Insurance?

Without insurance, you will have to pay the full cost of your contacts. The total cost depends on several factors, including lens type, replacement schedule, tints, lens quantity, and whether they are custom-made.


Are Cheap Contacts Bad?
Cheap contact lenses may save you some money, but they are not always the best alternative for your eyes. A low-quality lens may tear easily and scratch your cornea, leading to an unwanted vision problem.
Are Daily or Monthly Contacts Cheaper?
Daily contact lenses are usually costlier than monthlies. Daily contacts come in packs of 30, and the user must replace them daily. On the other hand, you can use monthly contact lenses without replacements for up to 30 days.

However, monthly lens users may have to spend extra on contact lens solutions and cases to clean and store their contacts.
Can Contact Lenses Cause a Dry Eye?
Wearing contacts for a long time or putting on a low-quality lens can cause dry eye syndrome. That said, soft lens usage can lead to water absorption from the eye surface, causing dryness.
Are Daily Contacts Better for Dry Eyes?
Daily contacts are suitable for people who have dry eyes. Replacing your lenses daily prevents the formation of protein deposits that cause dry eyes. People with chronic dry eye may opt for soft contacts as their makeup includes materials that allow water and oxygen to pass through easily, giving the eyes room to breathe.
How Much Do GP Lenses Cost?
Gas permeable lenses are made from hard plastic and have this naming attached because they allow oxygen through the eyes, giving for a more breathable feel. Since GP lenses are custom-made, they feature high retail prices that could reach $200 for a pair.
Are Scleral Lenses Expensive?
Scleral lenses provide clear vision and are helpful for patients with sensitive eyes or corneal irregularities. With prices reaching $600 per lens, they are slightly more expensive than other contact types. However, the superior comfort and stability they provide make them worth it.
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