Although your child may not be able to tell you precisely what they see, you can be sure that they are taking in the world around them from the moment they are born. Understanding your child's vision development is crucial to ensuring they have the support they need to see clearly and that their eyes are well cared for. Here we'll break down the milestones your child should reach at different ages, signs of vision development issues, common vision problems seen in children, tips to help your child's developing sight, and the importance of annual pediatric vision tests.

  • Vision development milestones
  • Signs of problems in kids' eyes
  • Common kids' eye issues
  • How to help your child see better
  • Why are pediatric eye exams important?

Vision Development Milestones

Babies begin their vision development from the moment they're born. Like they must learn to walk, talk, and express themselves, kids' eyes must learn how to focus on different objects, move them accurately, and interpret what they are seeing.