The thing about sunglasses is that everyone can wear them, even if you don’t think you have the "right" face shape for them.

You do! You just have to find the right pair. And don’t forget: Every man looks great in sunglasses!

Before You Buy

Four Things To Consider When Buying Sunglasses

1. Types of Sunglasses
Although we say that sunglasses are a fashion accessory nowadays, their primary use is to protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

1. UV Protection Sunglasses
UV protection sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause severe damage to your eyes, skin, etc. When looking for sunglasses, make sure to choose ones that give 100% coverage and are both UVA and UVB protected. UVA can penetrate your eyes easily increase the risk of cataracts and damage to the retina. UVB rays are even more harmful than UVA rays, because they are absorbed by your cornea.

2. Polarized Sunglasses
‘Glare’ is one of the greatest problems when you are driving, skiing, or just out in the sun. Glare is why polarized glasses were created. They have an invisible chemical coating that reduces the intensity of light and nullifies the glare and reflection you'd normally experience with non-polarized lenses. However, these sunglasses aren’t always protective against UV.

2. Size
Always choose your frame size according to the shape of your face. Square frames may only look good on certain face shapes. However, round or oval frames look fabulous on a majority of face shapes.

3. Material
If you wear glasses for extended periods of time, you want them to be extremely lightweight and have them offer maximum comfort. Rimless frames with fiber glass lenses are extremely lightweight and durable. Metal frames look great with their elegance and unbeatable style, but they are often heavier than most other frames.

4. Face Shape
Another important factor when choosing eyeglass frames is the shape of your face. What does this mean exactly? Well, there are several different face shapes and knowing them, and what yours is, will point you in the right direction for face-flattering eyewear that fits you perfectly. Round faces are defined by a circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. Oval faces have balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. Heart-shaped faces are defined by a broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin. And finally, square face shapes have strong, well defined angles in the forehead, jawline, and cheeks.

7 Best Sunglasses For Men

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Whether it be the Clubmaster, Aviator, or Wayfarer style, it is absolutely a must that Ray-Ban sunglasses are ranked in first place. This timeless and always popular brand make one more of an individual - especially by choosing a round frame.

Ray-Ban has been in the business since 1930s, when it first started making Aviators, which are best-sellers to this day. This style of glasses is so unique that no other brand can replicate it. It was started by Bausch & Lomb, who had to make glasses for the US Aviation Department to help the aircraft pilots protect their eyes from the sun. Then came the ‘Wayfarers,’ which were also a big hit. The best part is that they are perfect for men & women.

Ray-Ban RB4274 are a rounded, full-rim, metal sunglasses frame that offer a super sleek and stylish look. Subtle detailing along the edges of the frame provide the perfect amount of texture. With comfort grip nose pads and flexible grips on the ears, you’ll be good to go all day and when you’re done with wearing them, simply fold them and place them inside your top pocket.

Pros & Cons
Variety Too conservative

Bottom Line
Ray-Bans are timeless and a fashion statement piece, you can never go wrong with them.

2. Oakley Sunglasses
What are the sunglasses without some Oakley in them? Oakley Holbrook design is the top selling Oakley design ever. Oakley’s lenses are made to take hits; they offer great strength as well as clarity. In fact, Oakley lenses offer unbeatable clarity and protection combination without sacrificing its optics too much which makes Oakley a top choice for active people. The only downside of these sunglasses is that most Oakley’s are not very suitable to wear with a suit or comparable stylish outfit.

Oakley first started manufacturing sport and performance equipment including sunglasses. Even back then it was considered a strong competitor to Ray-Ban. Oakley glasses are robust, durable, and perfect for outdoor activities, which is what garnered the brand’s popularity. It has hundreds of patents under its hood for its innovation in technology, materials, designs, etc. that go into the making of sunglasses. From sportswear and fashionable sunglasses to prescription sunglasses, Oakley products mean quality and style.

Pros & Cons
Clarity Usability
For active people

Bottom Line
If you are an active person, these Oakley Holbrook sunglasses will be perfect for you.

3. Burberry Sunglasses
This summer let Burberry protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, and also let them give you a modern look as well. The popular style this summer is the square-framed, dark lens sunglasses.

Bringing English sophistication to the eyewear industry, Burberry eyeglasses are a stylish designer option that will certainly make you stand out of the crowd. Made from acetate, they are corrosion resistant, sturdy and light.

Burberry is a fashion company based in London, England, known for its fashion accessories, sunglasses, fragrances and cosmetics and is considered as one of best sunglasses brands and most valuable brands in the world. This luxury brand offers sophisticated designs which has high quality and elegance which are also comfortable and reliable ones among all other sunglasses brands. This brand appeals to both men and women.

Pros & Cons
Trendy More expensive
Complements facial features

Bottom Line
Square-rimmed sunglasses never go out of the style. They are classical and modern at the same time.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
Round-framed sunglasses are very much in this summer. D&G circular shades come in different colors and are a flattering shape for anyone with angular features, as circular frames soften defined lines.

Italian brand founded in 1985 by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. It is one of most popular and sought-after brands in the world that offers excellence in products to their customers worldwide. The timeless and most updated products of Dolce & Gabbana also include shades and corrective eyewear among other product lines across the globe.

D&G Eyewear is a part of the brand extension and became a massive hit with its signature D&G letters on either side of the rims. Today, the brand’s products are coveted in most parts of the world. The stylish and trendy sunglasses from the brand are equally popular in both men and women.

Pros & Cons
Multifunctional Not for every face shape

Bottom Line
Round frames have been around for a long time but are just now receiving the much-deserved recognition.

5. Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
A big trend last year, sunglasses with a double bridge are popular again this season. Add a preppy, all-American edge to your summer style with these tortoiseshell, brown and green shades by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American company headquartered in New York City, and founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. They are known for the clothing, marketing and distribution of products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.

Pros & Cons
Trendy Not for every face shape

Bottom Line
The right pair of sunglasses can boost your look a lot, with these Ralph Lauren Polo shades you will feel like you stepped right off the runway!

6. Tom Ford Sunglasses
Tom Ford puts a modern spin on the iconic wayfarer design. Crafted with light grey and navy acetone, the designer-engraved “Eric” shades are the perfect fit for summer.

The conception of the Tom Ford brand began in 2004, the year after he departed from the Gucci group, starting with the launch of a cosmetics and fragrance line. Today, Tom Ford is currently the head designer and creative director of all TOM FORD fashion collections (TOM FORD Menswear, TOM FORD Womenswear, TOM FORD Eyewear, and TOM FORD Beauty).

Pros & Cons
Stylish A bit pricier
Made of high quality materials
Bottom Line
If you are a fan of Wayfarer style sunglasses, than these Tom Ford ‘Eric’ shades are perfect for you.

7. Emporio Armani Sunglasses
What else is in? Emporio Armani Carrera collection offers a Wayfarer shape brown sunglass frame that will make you look stylish yet not over the top. And if you are adventurous you can choose a polarized pair with subtle decoration on the lower half of the square frames.

Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is an Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, eyeglass wear, cosmetics, etc.

Pros & Cons
Fashionable Pricy
Act as an accessory
Perfect for all occasitons
Bottom Line
For those summer days that get surprisingly brisk, team a white T-shirt with a hoodie, then add a leather jacket for an extra layer of warmth. Finish your look with a pair of wayfarers and you’re good to go.

Choosing Your Eyeglass Frames

1. Your Personality
That’s right, your eyeglass frames can perfectly reflect your personality. You can have a pair of glasses that match your fun-loving side on the weekends and a pair that emphasizes your get down to business tone during the week.

2. Your Lifestyle
You have a lifestyle that encompasses a number of different activities, interests and personality traits? Yes, there are eyeglasses frames for every lifestyle. Whether you’re a businessman or a sportsperson, there are eyeglass frames for every activity out there.

3. Shape of your face
We are mentioning this once again just because it is a very important thing to have in mind when browsing the right pair of frames.

• Round Face: If you have a round face, you’ll want to choose frames that will contrast with the circular shape of your face. Avoid round or small sunglasses as they will make your face look rounder and opt for a pair of sunglasses with angular frames to shape your face.

• Oval Face: If you have an oval face shape you won’t have a problem finding a pair of sunglasses that suit you. Most frames and styles will flatter your face shape so you can experiment to your heart’s content. Thick, top heavy sunglasses have an interesting design that not every face shape can get away with, so try them out to add a striking addition to your outfit.

• Square Face: This is probably one of the most common types of face shape for men. Defined by strong features with a prominent jawline and wide cheekbones. You’ll want to avoid sunglasses with sharp outlines or heavy detail as your features already stand out and should be embraced. The stronger your features, the bigger you can go with your sunglasses. Complement your jawline and cheekbones with sunglasses that have more curved or rounded edges. Aviators are a perfect choice for framing strong features.

• Diamond Face: If you have a diamond shape face, it means you have a defined chin, with the widest area of your face being across your cheekbones. You can opt for retro, rectangular styles but try to avoid frames that are straight across, and instead, go for a more oval frame to soften the bottom half of your face. Cat style or vintage frames look great on a diamond shape face too. Try to experiment with bolder styles, and go for a more colorful pair of shades

• Oblong-Shaped Face: The key to framing oblong shape is to find a pair of sunglasses with thick frames to enhance your features. You can opt for square or round shapes, but make sure you go for ones with oversized frames to enhance your soft features and give yourself some angles. Aviators and retro styles are a popular choice for those with oblong face shapes but steer clear of small and narrow frames.

4. Color
Sunglasses should complement your style, not hinder it. For example, you might want to avoid a bright pair of orange sunglasses if it leaves your skin looking a bit washed out and dull. But don’t go avoiding color. You don’t need to just stick to the typical black tinted lenses. A brightly colored pair of sunglasses can add charisma to any style no matter how casual or plain.

The Differences Between Sunglasses for Men And Women?

Sunglasses aren’t typically labeled for gender so it can be tricky to tell the difference between men’s and women’s sunglasses. While there is no difference in the lenses used for men and women’s sunglasses, the frames and overall styles can vary greatly.

Sunglasses for Women
One of the biggest characteristics of women’s sunglasses is an extremely large frame design or small frames with very thick arms. These oversized features make women’s facial features look smaller. The overall design of the frames will have more curves, both around the eyes and along the arms of the glasses. These curves mimic the softer and curvier facial features of female wearers. Many women’s sunglasses also have flashy embellishments such as emblems, bright colors or bold metal accents.

Sunglasses for Men
The biggest sign that sunglasses are for men is that the bridge, the piece that sits over the nose, is wider. Likewise, the arms on sunglasses are typically longer than on women’s sunglasses because men have wider faces. Men’s sunglasses also have more straight lines than women’s. In many cases, the arms do not have any pronounced curves at the ear area. While there are some colored frames for men, most men’s sunglasses come in neutral or muted finishes that don’t stand out.

How We Choose Our Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become very popular in the last couple of years, they are everywhere and consumers have plenty of buying options. For our purposes, selecting what we think are the best eyeglass frames for older women entailed many factors – from the size of the frames, to the purpose, to style, and price.

We also wanted to include a variety of styles, including traditional styles, and adventurous ones. We also paid close attention to the reviews of consumers, whose overall feedback provides the kind of information that’s otherwise hard to find.

In the end, what matters most is your own preference and whether or not you feel comfortable with a certain pair. We hope we contributed at least a bit in helping you make a decision. Do you have a favorite brand or style of eyeglasses? Have you worn any of the frames listed here? Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.