Did you know that trees have individual leaves? If you haven't had your eyes checked in a while, you may realize that your detailed eyesight isn't what it used to be. Thankfully, finding the right eye care routine and buying contact lenses online has never been easier.

When you put in a new pair of contact lenses for the first time, you'll be amazed at the level of detail you can see in the world. If you're wearing contacts for the first time, the detail is even more amazing. However, there are a lot of eye care factors to consider when choosing the best contacts, including whether or not you prefer daily or monthly contacts and whether or not you can purchase your contact lenses online. Thankfully, WebEyeCare is here to help you learn everything you need to know to choose the best contact lenses for you!

What Are Contact Lenses?

If you have less than perfect vision, your eye care professional may suggest purchasing contact lenses online to improve your eyesight. Contact lenses are a piece of material placed on the surface of the eye that provides a corrective vision or change the cosmetic look of the eye. German ophthalmologist created the first actual contact lens in the late 1880s out of blown glass. Unfortunately, these contact lenses didn't provide the level of eye care we expect when purchases contact lenses online today but were useful prototypes for the future.

Contact lens on finger in front of mirrored case In the 1930s, the creation of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) paved the way for the production of the daily, monthly, and bi-weekly contact lenses we know today. The first corneal lenses were created in 1949 and provided a much more comfortable alternative to the scleral lenses of the past. People could wear corneal lenses for up to 16 hours each day, which helped make these lenses accessible beginning in the 60s.

The major eye care breakthrough came in 1998 when Ciba Vision in Mexico produced the first silicone hydrogel lenses. Silicone features a high level of oxygen permeability for comfort and performance. Throughout the decades, contact lenses have evolved to the comfortable and affordable products that we know and love today.

Manufacturing companies classify their contact lenses in a variety of ways:
• Primary function
• Wear schedule
• Replacement schedule
• Material

Corrective contact lenses typically correct the refractive error to improve vision by refocusing light as it enters the eye. Contacts also exist to correct presbyopia, needing a different prescription for reading than you do for distance, and for color deficiencies. These options help correct a variety of eye care problems that people across the globe experience.

How Long Can You Wear Contact Lenses?

Wear and replacement schedule are two of the primary differences between varieties of contacts. When purchasing contact lenses online, especially to wear for the first time, it's crucial to remain within limits set by the manufacturer.

• Wear schedule: The wear schedule of a contact lens determines how long you can wear the lens without removing it from your eye.

• Replacement schedule: The replacement schedule for contact lenses determines how many times or for how long you can wear your contact lenses before users need to throw them away permanently.

Practicing appropriate eye care is the first step in ensuring you're avoiding permanent vision issues. Contacts come in several varieties in terms of wear schedule. One of the most important things to consider when buying contact lenses online is the difference between daily contacts and monthly contacts (sometimes known as bi-weekly contact lenses). Each type of contact lens has pros and cons, and it's essential to speak with your eye care doctor about what your lifestyle requires to find the best fit for you. However, it's also necessary to educate yourself about the different eye care products, especially before you purchase contact lenses online!

What Are Daily Contacts?

Disposable daily contacts were created in 1987 and exploded in popularity in the 1990s. Nowadays, purchasing daily contact lenses online is as popular as ever for people of all ages. Although purchasing daily contact lenses online provides a versatile way to improve your vision quickly and easily, daily contacts, also known as dailies, have a variety of pros and cons that wearers should consider before purchasing their contact lenses online. Among the pros and cons:

• Daily contacts are more convenient than monthly contacts. Dailies can save you time because you don't need eye care supplies to clean them or have to spend time trying to find your storage case. Daily contacts are especially convenient if you like to travel or have an on-the-go lifestyle. (Psst! If flexibility is important, buying contact lenses online can be a great way to make sure you can have your contacts delivered to wherever you are this week!)

• Daily contacts can prevent infections or other complications. Dailies typically accumulate less build-up, which means they can be more comfortable for people who have sensitive eyes or those who are battling allergies, dry eyes, or frequent eye infections.

• Dailies are an excellent choice for those who are younger as well as people who are new to wearing contacts and may not have as precise of an eye care routine. Since daily contacts are more fragile, it can be helpful to have a new pair each day in case one is lost, ripped, or torn by someone with inexperience.

• Daily contacts may cost you more money upfront than monthlies. Still, they typically pay for themselves when you consider rebates from purchasing contact lenses online, as well as the eye care supplies you'll need for bi-weekly contact lenses.

Do not wear dailies to sleep! If you need to sleep in contacts, look for bi-weekly contact lenses or a brand that offers extended wear.

• Daily contact lenses can be less environmentally friendly than bi-weekly contact lenses. However, some brands offer a recycling program to decrease the waste associated with wearing dailies.
Teen taking lens out of lens case

What Are Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses?

If you're looking for a more durable and environmentally friendly alternative to daily contacts, buying bi-weekly contact lenses online is a great choice. Things like your budget, dedication to eye care routines, and soft-touch can impact which type of product will work best for you. Like daily contacts, there are pros and cons to bi-weekly contact lenses. These pros and cons include:

• Bi-weekly contact lenses are some of the best price contact lenses on the market — as long as you follow the directions your eye doctor provides. If you take care of your bi-weekly contact lenses, including discarding them promptly and practicing proper eye care, you can reduce the risk of complications without purchasing dailies.

• Overnight wear is permissible for some bi-weekly contact lenses. Although doctors don't recommend sleeping in your contacts because it increases your risk of eye infections and other issues, there are options for continuous wear bi-weekly contact lenses.

• Bi-weekly contact lenses require more eye care products than other styles. If you have allergies or issues with dry eyes, bi-weekly contact lenses may not be your best choice. Longer wear styles of contact lenses typically accrue more protein and build-up, which increases your risk of infections and other complications.

• Unless you are careful, bi-weekly contact lenses can be easier to over wear. Daily contacts are easy to remember to discard because it's something you do daily, hence the name. Wearing bi-weekly contact lenses, however, can lead people to forget exactly when they first opened their lenses. Over-wearing your contact lenses can cause infections and other eye care problems, which is why many doctors who prescribe bi-weekly contact lenses recommend creating a reminder in your phone or on your calendar so that you won't forget. One of the great things about buying contact lenses online is the instant availability from week to week. It's easy to purchase a few boxes of contacts to have available whenever and wherever you need them!

• If you tend to lose or rip your lenses, bi-weekly contact lenses can be more expensive to replace. Before purchasing contact lenses online, it's essential to ask what the company's policy is for damaged lenses. Some companies will accept returns if a product is ripped, which is important to consider if you're looking at purchasing bi-weekly contact lenses.

How to Buy Contact Lenses Online

The first step in buying contact lenses online is to determine what brand of contacts your eye care doctor recommends. After you have a prescription, it's time to research websites to find the best price contact lenses available. If you need some recommendations for different brands to choose from, WebEyeCare is here to help! The best part? You can even purchase all of these contact lenses online!

Here are some of our favorite bi-weekly contact lenses!

Acuvue Oasys: Acuvue Oasys is one of the most popular eye care brands due to the high comfort the lenses provide. The Oasys style features bi-weekly contact lenses with Hydraclear Plus Technology to help prevent tired eyes and increase lubrication for people with dry eyes. These bi-weekly contact lenses provide UV protection, a high level of oxygen transmission for maximum breathability, and support for those in challenging environments. Acuvue Oasys is also a popular choice for those sitting in front of a computer or other digital screen for long periods. If you suffer from tired eyes due to blue light exposure, these are some of the best price contact lenses we've found to help provide relief.

Avaira Vitality: CooperVision's Avaira Vitality contacts offer wearers long-lasting comfort, the highest level of UV protection, and a super-soft, comfortable wearing experience. Avaira Vitality features improved oxygen through for healthier eyes and improved lubrication. These bi-weekly contact lenses are great for users who want the durability of longer-lasting lenses with the freshness of daily replacement products.

FreshLook ColorBlends: Whether you want a dramatic color change or something more subtle, these bi-weekly contact lenses are an excellent choice. FreshLook ColorBlends focus on the cosmetic side of eye care by combining beautiful colors with prescription vision correction.

SofLens Multi-Focal 6 pack: With new technology comes additional features for contact lenses. SofLens Multi-Focal features an aspheric center-near design to provide two ADD powers in one lens. The low ADD design features progressive up to +1.5D, while the high ADD design is progressive up to +2.5D. These contacts are a perfect choice for those who want to avoid eyeglasses while still improving their eyesight. SofLens Multi-Focal gives the user the ability to see near, far, and anything in between.

If dailies are more your style, don't worry! WebEyeCare also features a great selection of daily contact lenses to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites:

Biotrue ONEday 30 Pack: If you're looking for a daily contact lens with UVA/UVB protection and all-day comfort, Biotrue ONEday by eye care brand Bausch & Lomb is an excellent option. These contacts provide 100% moisture for nearly 16 hours to help prevent dry and tired eyes. Each pack contains a month's supply of daily contacts. The best part? Biotrue also offers a sponsored recycling program!

• DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric: For years, people with astigmatism faced a variety of hurdles when choosing contact lenses. DAILIES AquaComfort Plus takes its popular daily contacts and formats them to accommodate people with astigmatism. Purchase these contact lenses online from WebEyeCare for same-day shipping and the lowest price guarantee for the best price contacts you can find from DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric.

MyDay: MyDay contacts provide wearers with a softer, breathable, more natural environment for extreme comfort. A new water-loving material, Smart Silicone, features less silicone than other silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses. MyDay also offers CooperVision's highest UVA/UVB filters.


At WebEyeCare, we offer the best price contacts and glasses on the market. When purchasing contact lenses online with WebEyeCare, customers can save up to 70% on their vision needs, as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. WebEyeCare also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free ground shipping on all products.


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