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Who Has The Coolest Vision-Related Superpower?

Who Has The Coolest Vision-Related Superpower?

When someone asks what the coolest superpower is, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some people will quickly answer things like super strength and super speed, while others opt for more fantastical powers like flying and breathing underwater.

Well, of all the many different superpowers, some of the most incredible powers out there are all related to vision! There are so many cool powers that come from a person’s basic sense of sight, and we here at WebEyeCare have gathered up some pretty cool powers all related to the eyes!.

Superman wearing Clark Kent disguise ripping his shirt open to reveal his iconic super suit

Super Sight for a Superman (DC’s Superman): What powers does Clark Kent not have? The Man of Steel is one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history, and DC’s poster boy has no shortage of remarkable vision-related powers. X-ray vision, heat vision, and telescopic vision are just a few things the legendary superhero can do with his eyes.

His fantastic eyesight can allow Superman to see things from incredible distances in real-time, allowing the world’s greatest superhero to be ready to help innocent civilians at a moment’s notice. You can learn how to make sure your vision is in super shape with one of our online eye tests.

DC's Supergirl posing with hands on her hips in her costume

Supergirl’s Similarly Stellar Sight (DC’s Supergirl): Not to be outdone by her cousin from Krypton, Supergirl boasts an equally impressive suite of sight-related powers. She shares Superman’s iconic x-ray and heat vision powers, along with the less-mentioned telescopic and microscopic vision. 

Supergirl even outdoes her cousin in many different areas, such as her ability to see things invisible to the naked eye like radio transmissions and infrared rays. You can copy her super look with the Air Optix Colors contact lenses in “Brilliant Blue”!

Alyssa Milano as premonition having witch Phoebe on the television show Charmed

Phoebe Halliwell’s Future Visions (Constance M. Burge’s Charmed): Fans of the classic TV drama Charmed (or the show's modern spin) will be sure to remember the Power of Three’s psychic sister, Phoebe Halliwell. Phoebe’s witchy powers gave her the ability to see into the future, giving her premonitions as visions of events to come. Phoebe used these visions to both help protect her sisters and fight the demons who constantly attacked the three.

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Pegasus and his super powered Millennium Eye

Pegasus and his All-Seeing Eye (Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh!): Yu-Gi-Oh! took the world of children’s cartoons and card games by storm in the early 2000s. The first season featured one of the show’s most recognizable bad guys.

Maximillion Pegasus’s Millennium Eye granted him the ability to see into not only his opponent’s hand of cards, but read into the person’s deepest thoughts as well. Though they won’t give you the mind-reading powers, the Air Optix Colors in Pure Hazel will provide you that mastermind appearance.

Marvel's animated X-Men Cyclops and Wolverine standing side by side

Cyclops, the Classic (Stan Lee’s X-Men): You can’t talk about vision-related powers without mentioning one of the most iconic eye powers. Marvel Comics’ Cyclops has easily one of the most recognizable eyesight-related powers in media. He uses his mutant powers to shoot “optic blasts” as red-colored laser beams from his eyes.

His optical lasers can easily burst through solid objects as big as mountains, so they certainly pack a punch. However, Cyclops’s eye lasers are so powerful they can be tough for even him to control. When not in his combat uniform, Scott Summers wears special sunglasses to control his lasers. You can find our selection of stylish sunglasses here for your own stunning look.

Naruto's Uchiha clan's Sharigan eyes which are most recognizable to fans of the show

The Uchiha Clan’s Sharingan Eye (Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto): One of the most recognizable abilities for fans of the smash-hit anime Naruto has to be the Uchiha clan’s legendary “Sharingan” eyes. The family’s eyes gave their users a wide range of powers like copying their opponent’s techniques, superpowered perception, and even a form of mind control through creating illusions in their victim’s sight. 

A pair of Brown or Honey Air Optix Colors lenses can give you the ability to copy that intimidating Uchiha gaze.

Marvel's superhero group Fantastic Four posing in a movie style poster

Sue Storm’s Multi-Faceted Sight (Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four): The freak accident that transformed Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the other members into Marvel’s Fantastic Four certainly gave a wide array of useful abilities to the group’s female member, Sue Storm. Along with the ability to turn herself invisible, Sue Storm’s enhanced ray vision allows her to see the invisible force fields she uses to protect her teammates, giving her the limited ability to see if partially blinded.

X-Men's Jean Grey in costume using her telepathic powers

Jean Grey’s Psychic Prowess (Stan Lee’s X-Men): Marvel’s X-Men had no shortage of amazingly powerful superheroes boasting a wide variety of powers from superhuman strength to the mentally gifted.

Jean Grey’s telekinetic and psychic powers are no exception as she wields an array of psychic weapons. Among the many amazing things her telepathic powers allow her to do are projecting her thoughts to others, creating illusions, and moving objects with her mind. Unfortunately, for Jean Grey, “looks that kill” is anything but an understatement.

My Hero Academia's Eraser Head with red eyes smirking

Eraser Head Wipes Out His Enemies (Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia): In the world of My Hero Academia, superpowers are a part of daily life. Much of Earth’s population are blessed with unique powers called “Quirks,” and Shota Aizawa’s eyes are a Quirk not worth tangling with.

His aptly named “Erasure” gives Eraser Head the ability to temporarily erase the Quirk of anyone he makes eye contact with, wiping away their abilities. But, his power does come with a drawback: quickly giving the character a bad case of “dry eye.” If you suffer from dry eyes in your day-to-day life, you can check out our article here on some of the best contacts for dry eyes!.

Code Geass’s Lelouch showing off his titular Geass ability

The Geass Grips Lelouch’s Enemies (Sunrise’s Code Geass): If you want a vision-related superpower that packs a big punch, look no further than Code Geass’s Lelouch and his titular “Geass” ability.

The special sight a mysterious woman gave to Lelouch grants him the one-time ability to make anyone follow any order he gives them as long as the two lock eyes. Lelouch often uses the ability to get out of tricky situations and make his enemies do his bidding. Try a pair of Air Optix Colors in Amethyst if you want to give Lelouch’s bewitching appearance a spin.

Brendan Gleeson as Harry Potter's  Alastor Mad-Eye Moody in a screen grab from one of the films

Mad-Eye Moody and his Magical Eye (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter): In the wizarding world of the Harry Potter franchise, the aptly-named Mad-Eye Moody has no shortage of uses for his iconic eye.

Not only can Moody’s magical eye see through solid objects like wood and stone, but he can see through invisibility cloaks and even the back of his own head. Maybe you won’t get the same “mad-eye” appeal, but a pair of Mystic Blue contacts like these Dailies Colors will give you that vibrant magical look.

While some characters stake their claim to fame in their incredible superhuman strength or their lightning-fast speeds, there’s always something in the eyes that keeps people coming back for more. Vision-related superpowers can be some of the easiest to understand, with wide-ranging applications featuring everything from destructive lasers to subtle mind tricks. It’s all in the eyes for many of the most popular superheroes, supervillains, and everyone in-between.

Here at WebEyeCare, you can learn everything you need to know about keeping your own eyes in super health. Check out more articles on our blog if you want to learn more about taking care of your eyes, or you can head over to our Geek News section for more articles!

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