Air Optix Colors 6 Pack

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Product Details

Product Description

Air Optix colors 6 pack contacts allow lens wearers to see better and enhance their eye color with its range of 12 attractive colors, including amethyst, blue, brown, green, gray, honey, pure hazel, true sapphire, turquoise, gemstone green, brilliant blue, and sterling gray. They are available with or without vision correction and come in different prescription strengths for correcting far or nearsighted vision.

Air Optix color contacts are monthly disposables and provide superior, lasting comfort from day 1 to 30, after which they are to be discarded and replaced with a fresh pair. Employing Alcon’s unique SmartShield Technology, Air Optix color 6 pack contacts keep the eyes consistently comfortable by retaining moisture and protecting the eyes from irritating surface deposits.

Air Optix colored contacts offer a stunning but natural look with an innovative 3-in-1 color technology that gives your eyes depth, definition, and outstanding brightness. These contacts are made of Lotrafilcon B, a soft silicone hydrogel material with high oxygen permeability that keeps the eye clear, white, and healthy throughout the month. Shop for Air Optix colors 6 pack best price on WebEyeCare!

Recommended Replacement Schedule for Air Optix Colors 6 Pack Color Contacts

Air Optix colors 6 pack are monthly soft disposable lenses that you can wear for up to 30 days before discarding and replacing with a fresh pair. They are not approved for extended wear, so you have to take them out each night and clean them before using them again the following day. Air Optix color 6 pack contacts come in packs of six lenses immersed in saline solution.

Extra Features of Air Optix Colors 6 Pack Color Contacts

Air Optix 6 pack colored contacts provide a stunning look and reliable comfort with the following features.

  • SmartShield Technology
  • SmartShield is Alcon’s proprietary contact lens technology that prevents deposit buildup using a consistent protective layer that covers the outer surface of the lens. This technology creates a surface that allows tears to spread evenly over the lens, promoting moisture retention and shielding the eyes against deposits. It also protects the lens against changes that could arise from the daily use of cosmetics or beauty products. As a result, contacts with SmartShield Technology provide consistent, clear, comfortable vision throughout the month

  • 3-in-1 Color Technology
  • Alcon’s 3-in-1 color technology packs three features in one for a stunning, natural appearance. The inner ring brightens and adds depth to the eye; the primary color transforms the eye color, while the outer ring emphasizes and adds definition to your iris.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do Air Optix Color 6 Pack Contacts Fit Best?

Air Optix color contacts 6 pack are monthly disposable contacts suited to people who want to make a fashion statement or accentuate their style with vision correction. They are also available as non-prescription (Plano) contacts in a range of colors and are suited to anyone who wants to get an enhanced look.

Their monthly replacement schedule makes compliance easy, so they are an excellent option for people who do not always remember to change their contacts regularly. Air Optix color contacts also offer reliable moisture retention and superior comfort, perfect for people who work long hours in dry, challenging environments.


  • Product Name: Air Optix Colors 6 Pack
  • Lenses/Box: 6 individually packaged lenses per box
  • Boxes Needed For One Year Supply: 4 boxes (2 boxes per eye)
  • Vision Correction: Corrects vision for people with Nearsightedness or Farsightedness
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • Contact Lens Material: Lotrafilcon B
  • VTO: Contacts
  • Brand: Air Optix


Currently there are no rebates available for this product. The manufacturer's rebate programs change frequently. Please check back periodically to see if new rebates are available for this product.


Air Optix Color 6 Pack Contacts FAQ

What colors do Air Optix contacts come in?

Air Optix color contacts come in 12 attractive variants ranging from subtle to bold: amethyst, blue, brown, green, gray, honey, pure hazel, true sapphire, turquoise, gemstone green, brilliant blue, and sterling gray.

How many lenses come in Air Optix colors?

A box of Air Optix colors 6 pack contacts contains six, monthly disposable contacts, equal to a six-month supply. You can wear each lens continuously for 30 days, removing and cleaning them before each use.

Are Air Optix Colors being discontinued?

No. Air Optix colors contacts are not being discontinued. Alcon, the lens manufacturer, continues to produce and market Air Optix colors. Air Optix colors are available in physical and online stores like WebEyeCare.

How long does a 6 pack of Air Optix contacts last?

A 6 pack of Air Optix color contacts contains 6 monthly contacts lasting for six months. Each lens lasts for up to a month in daytime wear and must be taken out at night. Wearing contact lenses beyond the recommended period can put the wearer at risk of harmful eye deposits.

Are Air Optix colors monthly or daily?

Air Optix Colors are monthly disposable contacts meant to be used and replaced after 30 days. They are not to be used for more than 30 days and must be cleaned before use each day.

Can Air Optix Colors be worn by people with astigmatism?

Air Optix Colors lenses aren't made to address astigmatism specifically, which would require toric lenses. You can get them in spherical prescriptions (for myopia or hyperopia) or without a lens strength (purely for aesthetic reasons).

How long can I wear Air Optix Colors contact lenses for?

Air Optix Colors contact lenses are designed to be thrown out and replaced monthly. This means you can wear them for up to 30 days if taking them out every night for a good clean and disinfection. Keep in mind, the exact wear time may vary depending on the health of your eyes and your eye doctor's advice. It's important to follow their guidelines to keep your eyes at their best. Always start the month with a fresh pair of lenses.

Are Air Optix Colors lenses safe for overnight wear?

Air Optix Colors contact lenses aren't designed for overnight use. They're intended for day-to-day wear and need to be removed, cleaned, and sanitized each evening. This gives your eyes a rest and helps dodge potential issues that can come with round-the-clock wear, like corneal neovascularization (when new blood vessels grow into the cornea) and a higher chance of eye infections. Leaving your contacts in when you sleep can seriously up the odds of severe irritation since the environment of a closed eyelid can trap bacteria and limit the flow of oxygen to the cornea. It's vital to always stick to the guidance from your eye doctor to use your contacts safely.

Are Air Optix Colors lenses suitable for people with sensitive eyes?

Air Optix Colors lenses are crafted with your comfort as the top priority, using a special material that lets up to 5 times more oxygen pass through the lens compared to traditional soft lenses. This high level of breathability aids in keeping your eyes healthy and looking bright. Additionally, these lenses have a slick surface specifically engineered to keep out deposits and hold onto moisture.

But if you've got sensitive eyes, it's crucial to have a chat with your eye doctor before deciding if these are a good lens for you. Everyone's eyes are unique, and what's perfect for one person might not be the best fit for another. Your eye doctor can evaluate your particular needs and help figure out if Air Optix Colors lenses are a good match for your sensitive eyes.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Air Optix Colors contact lenses?

Yes, you'll need a prescription to buy Air Optix Colors contact lenses, even if you don't require vision correction. That's because contact lenses are classified as medical devices and need to be properly fitted to guarantee your eye health and comfort. Your eye doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and take accurate measurements to figure out the right size and curve of the lenses you need.

That said, Air Optix Colors lenses are available in Plano form, which doesn't offer vision correction. They're strictly for aesthetic use, like changing your eye color. Even though they don't correct vision, you'll still need a valid contact lens prescription to buy them to ensure they fit your eyes correctly.

How do Air Optix Colors enhance or change the eye color?

Air Optix Colors contact lenses use an exclusive 3-in-1 color technology that enrich or modify your eye color. This tech merges an outer ring that sharpens the iris's edges, a main color that covers the iris, and an inner ring that brightens and adds dimension.

These lenses are designed to meld with your natural eye color, resulting in a convincing and understated enhancement. For a bolder transformation, you can pick from an assortment of vivid colors that dramatically change your eye color. No matter what color you opt for, the 3-in-1 color technology guarantees a stunning and natural look.

Can Air Optix Colors lenses be used by people who do not require vision correction?

Yes, those who don't need vision correction can still use Air Optix Colors lenses. These lenses come in Plano form, which means they don't correct vision and are worn strictly for aesthetic reasons, like changing your eye color. But remember, even if you don't require vision correction, you'll still need a legitimate contact lens prescription from an eye doctor to buy Air Optix Colors lenses. This ensures the lenses fit just right and are safe for your eyes.

What is the proper care and maintenance for Air Optix Colors lenses?

Air Optix Colors are monthly disposable lenses, so they need regular care and maintenance to keep your eyes healthy. Here are some basic steps for proper care:

  1. Daily Cleaning and Disinfection: After removing the lenses, clean them using a recommended contact lens solution. Gently rub the lens in the solution in the palm of your hand, rinse thoroughly, then place them in a clean lens case filled with fresh solution to disinfect overnight.
  2. Storage: Store your lenses in a clean lens case with fresh contact lens solution. Never reuse or top off old solutions. Replace the lens case every three months, or sooner if it becomes damaged or dirty.
  3. Replacement Schedule: Dispose of your lenses after 30 days of opening the pack, even if you haven’t worn them every day.
  4. Hand Hygiene: Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
  5. Regular Eye Exams: Schedule regular appointments with your eye care professional to ensure your eyes remain healthy.
Remember, always follow the specific instructions given by your eye care professional and the manufacturer of your contact lens solution. Not all products are the same, and some solutions may not be compatible with certain types of lenses.

Are there any potential side effects or risks of wearing Air Optix Colors?

Air Optix Colors lenses, like any contact lenses, are generally safe for use when used properly and under the guidance of an eye care professional. However, as with any contact lens use, there are some potential side effects or risks which are typically minimal and manageable. These include:

  1. Eye Discomfort: You may experience some discomfort, dryness, or itchiness, especially if the lenses are worn for longer than recommended, or if your eyes are not given enough breaks from lens wear.
  2. Infection or inflammation: Improper cleaning or overuse of the lenses can lead to infections or inflammation.
  3. Allergic Reactions: Some people might experience an allergic reaction to the lens material or to the lens care solution.
  4. Vision Changes: If the lenses do not fit properly, or if they are damaged, it can lead to blurry vision or other changes.
While these are potential side effects, most people who use contact lenses do not experience serious problems. It's important to follow the proper cleaning, disinfecting, and replacement procedures, as well as the instructions from your eye care professional, to minimize any potential risks. Always consult your eye care professional if you experience persistent discomfort or any changes in your vision.

What material are Air Optix Colors contact lenses made of?

Air Optix Colors contact lenses are made from a material called Lotrafilcon B. This is a variety of silicone hydrogel, a material that permits a much greater amount of oxygen to get to the eye compared to conventional soft contact lens materials. This enhanced breathability aids in keeping your eyes looking bright and healthy. Also, these lenses feature a sleek surface engineered to ward off deposits, ensuring comfort all month long.

Air Optix Colors 6 Pack Professional Review

The Air Optix Colors 6 Pack blends vision correction with an engaging eye color enhancement. With 12 vibrant colors on offer, these lenses can meet a wide variety of tastes, whether you're looking for a soft touch-up or a bold change. As an eye care professional, I've had the chance to assess these lenses in a clinical environment and am happy to share my findings.


Air Optix Colors lenses are constructed from Lotrafilcon B, a type of silicone hydrogel renowned for its excellent oxygen permeability. This allows for up to five times more oxygen to reach the eyes than traditional hydrogel lenses, promoting healthier, brighter eyes. Plus, the lens surface is built to fend off deposits, ensuring clear and comfy vision throughout use.


The advanced material used in Air Optix Colors aids in maintaining optimal hydration all day. Most users reported that the lenses remain comfortable and don't dry out during normal daily wear, even in demanding conditions. However, it's worth mentioning that both environmental factors and personal reactions can affect lens moisture.

UV Blocking

Unfortunately, Air Optix Colors lenses don't come with UV blocking capabilities. This is a minor drawback, as UV protection in contact lenses can provide an extra shield against harmful ultraviolet rays, though it's no substitute for proper UV-protective sunglasses.


A 6-pack of Air Optix Colors is designed for six months of usage, with each pair to be replaced monthly. The majority of wearers can comfortably use these lenses for between 10 to 12 hours a day without discomfort. Following these guidelines and those from your eye care professional is key to maintaining optimal eye health.


These lenses have been commended for their comfort, even during prolonged periods of wear, thanks to their high breathability and slick surface design. Nonetheless, comfort can differ based on individual needs and tolerances. If you feel any discomfort or irritation while wearing these lenses, immediately take them out and reach out to an eye care professional.


All in all, the Air Optix Colors 6 Pack delivers a commendable mix of aesthetic allure, comfort, and breathable material for top-notch eye health. However, the absence of UV blocking features is a consideration. Always check in with your eye care professional to make sure you're making the best choice for your eye health and lifestyle requirements.

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