The Top 9 Best Monthly Contact Lenses

The Top 9 Best Monthly Contact Lenses

Mar 9th 2022

Contact lens users today have many choices when it comes to finding the perfect lens. Manufacturers offer all types of contacts, but there are certain things to look out for before ordering. Your eye health, lifestyle, and personal preferences are crucial factors to consider before selecting any contact lens type.
A definite replacement schedule is also important for many people. There are daily, weekly, and monthly contacts. Monthly contact lenses are contacts that can be used continuously for up to 30 days before disposal.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best monthly contact lenses you will find on the market to help you make an informed decision when you next go shopping for your contacts.

What Are Monthly Contacts?

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Monthly contact lenses are contacts you can wear every day for up to a month before disposal. They are more durable than daily or weekly contacts and are thicker. You have to clean and disinfect them daily before wearing them to avoid the buildup of protein deposits which can be harmful to your eyes.

That said, you can only sleep with monthly contacts if they are approved for overnight wear. They are typically made from silicone hydrogel materials which permit the free flow of oxygen into the eyes. Monthly contact lenses are better for the environment since you throw them out less frequently than daily or weekly contacts.

Are Monthly Contacts Lenses for You?

Choosing which is better for you between daily vs. monthly contacts comes down to knowing the contact lens more suited to your lifestyle. Monthly contact lenses are great if you don’t mind carrying your contact solution and case around. Nonetheless, it’s vital to note that you need to have access to a washroom where you can remove and clean your lenses if need be.

If you are involved in sports or physical activities that increase the likelihood of dirt getting into your eye, dailies may be the better option since you can simply remove and replace them with a new pair.

woman on treadmill in gym Conversely, monthly contacts will be better and more economical than daily contacts if you plan to wear contacts every day. Those who wear their contacts occasionally should opt for daily contacts as monthlies are in the case most of the time and have a higher chance of drying out or getting contaminated.

If you are not going to be meticulous about handling and cleaning your contacts, you should consider using daily contacts since there’s a lesser chance of deposit buildup, which can potentially harm your eyes.

How Much Do Monthly Contacts Cost?

The costs of monthly and daily contacts are comparable even though monthlies are cheaper upfront. With monthly contacts, you have to pay for contact care materials, including the cleaning solution, storage case, and travel supplies. Depending on the brand, you can get monthly contacts for $45 to $80 for a 6-pack (6-month supply).

Contact lens cases and solutions will cost you about $10 to $15, and you have to replace them every month. However, specialized variations like contacts for astigmatism, colored lenses, and multifocal lenses may cost a bit more.

The 9 Best Monthly Contact Lenses

Various monthly contact brands are on the market with varying quality and prices. You want to avoid buying cheap or low-quality contacts as they can be harmful to your vision in the long run.

We have researched and compiled a list of the 9 best monthly contact lenses we could find on the market. All of the contacts on our list are high-quality, and we have ranked them based on their popularity.

Acuvue Vita

Acuvue Vita is one of the most popular contact lens brands worldwide. It is designed to provide superior comfort for a month by maintaining and maximizing hydration throughout the lens.

Its innovative HydraMax technology makes Acuvue as good on day 30 as it was on the first day. It also features the highest level of UV protection you’ll find on any contact lens.


Biofinity from cooper vision offers an outstanding balance of comfort, breathability, and sharp vision. Its Aquaform technology allows the unhindered flow of oxygen, keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable for a month.

Also, the smooth rounded design provides remarkable comfort by minimizing contact between your eyelids and the contacts.

Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors allow you to correct your vision and enhance your look. These contacts are made from silicone hydrogel and combine SmartShield and 3-in-1 color technology to blend naturally with your eye and allow oxygen to flow into your eyes.

Their monthly contacts come in 12 different colors.

Bausch and Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism

Bausch and Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses have a 3-Zone Progressive design that provides clear vision at far and near distances and an OpticAlign design for consistent, stable vision.

This contact lens also offers maximum comfort and hydration using MoistureSeal technology that locks in 95% moisture for up to 16 hours.

Air Optix HydraGlyde

Air Optix HydraGlyde is made from highly breathable material that promotes the flow of oxygen into the eyes. Its SmartShield technology provides a thin protective layer that protects your eyes from potentially harmful deposits throughout the month.

The HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix locks the lens in lasting moisture to keep your eyes hydrated all day long.

Biofinity Toric

Biofinity Toric is perfect for people with astigmatism, seeking a high-quality lens that provides the right balance of stability, comfort, and visual clarity.

The Optimized Toric Lens Geometry ensures your lens stays fixed on your eyes, while the Aquaform technology locks in moisture and allows the free flow of oxygen, leaving your eyes white and healthy.

Proclear Toric XR

Proclear Toric XR is a custom contact that provides outstanding comfort and visual acuity.

With over 45,000 available parameters providing a wide range of fitting options, this contact lens employs an exclusive PC technology that keeps the lens hydrated and remarkably comfortable all day long.

Biofinity Energys

The Biofinity Energys contact is great for users who experience eye dryness from prolonged use of digital devices. Its Digital Zone Optics lens design reduces stress on the eye muscles that focus on screens so you can move your focus to and from your devices effortlessly.
It also uses Aquaform technology to lock in moisture, ensuring your eyes do not feel dry when you blink from overusing your device.

Bausch and Lomb Ultra

Bausch and Lomb Ultra contact lens provides clear vision and prevents eye dryness. Its MoistureSeal technology retains 95% of moisture for up to 16 hours, providing all-day hydration and superior end-of-day vision for digital device users.

Best Monthly Contact Lenses Per Condition

Some refractive errors and eye conditions require specialized contacts to correct them. We look at the best monthly contacts we have found for specific eye conditions.

Best Monthly Contacts for Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eye’s focusing ability that happens as we grow older. The condition is a normal part of aging, and most people begin to experience symptoms shortly after the age of 40.

People with presbyopia find that they can no longer read small text easily and have to hold their smartphones and other reading material away from their eyes to read clearly.

Presbyopia can also cause eye strain and headaches that make reading more difficult. While there is no way to reverse or cure presbyopia, it can be corrected with contact lenses, reading glasses, and surgery.

Biofinity Multifocal

Biofinity Multifocal contacts offer visual acuity at multiple distances and provide all-day comfort and clear eyes using Aquaform technology. Its smooth rounded edges allow minimal lid interaction for enhanced comfort. This contact lens corrects presbyopia using its Balanced Progressive Technology to provide multiple correction zones in each lens to meet individual prescription requirements.

Best Monthly Contacts for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a refractive error caused by an uneven shape of the cornea or lens, affecting the way light enters the eyes leading to blurry, fuzzy, or distorted vision.

Other astigmatism symptoms include difficulty seeing at night, eyestrain, headaches, and squinting. It often occurs with far or nearsightedness and can be corrected with contact lenses, eyeglasses, or surgery.

Bausch and Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism

Bausch and Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism come with a 3-Zone Progressive design that helps you see clearly at multiple distances and an OpticAlign design for stable, consistently clear vision.

This lens also employs MoistureSeal technology, which retains 95% of moisture for up to 16 hours, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Best Monthly Contacts for Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes are not producing enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly. Dry eyes do not cause permanent vision loss but can be uncomfortable with symptoms like eye pain, burning sensation, redness, blurred vision, and tired eyes.

It can also worsen the symptoms of other eye conditions. Eye dryness can be treated with artificial tears, surgery, home remedies, and contact lenses.

Air Optix HydraGlyde

Air Optix HydraGlyde fields SmartShield technology and a HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix that gives off a longer-lasting lens surface moisture. It also provides excellent deposit protection, making it perfect for dry eyes.

This lens is made with a highly breathable material that allows the free flow of oxygen, nourishing your eyes and keeping them white and healthy 24/7.

Best Extended Wear Contacts

Extended wear contacts are contact lenses that you can wear continuously, overnight inclusive, for up to 6 to 30 days, depending on the lens type. They are made from thin silicone hydrogel materials that allow the lens to absorb oxygen better than regular soft lenses.

Extended wear contacts are ideal for those with an unpredictable routine like emergency or military personnel and people who may not be able to handle or clean their lenses always. People with severely poor eyesight and vision abnormalities like amblyopia will also benefit from extended wear contact’s continuous vision.

Wearing contact lenses continuously increases your risk of bacterial infection, and you should speak with your eye care professional before using extended wear contacts.

We have scoured the market for the best extended wear contacts we could find.


Biofinity contact lenses are made with Aquaform technology that locks in moisture, keeping the eyes aerated and hydrated for continuous comfort.

It is made from silicone hydrogel material and has smooth rounded edges for minimal interaction between the contacts and eyelids. You can continuously wear this contact for seven days if you get your doctor’s approval.

Caring for Monthly Contacts

woman looking in mirror with contact lens on finger

It is vital to understand how to care for your contacts to avoid infections that compromise your vision. Contact lens care describes the guidelines for effective and safe contact use. It would be best to use only the approved cleaning solutions and storage cases for your lenses.

Some essential contact care tips include:

  • Wash your hands with mild soap and dry with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
  • Clean, rinse, and disinfect your contacts with the approved solution every time you take them out. Ensure your cleaning solution is fresh and unexpired and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on contact lens cleaning and storage.
  • Do not clean your contacts with any liquid other than the approved cleaning solution.
  • Keep contact lens solution bottles close when not in use.
  • Do not touch the tip of the lens care bottle with your fingers or any other object.
  • Clean your lens case daily and allow it to air dry.
  • Always handle the same lens first, so you don’t mix them up.
  • Do not enter a swimming pool or bring contacts close to irritating vapors or fumes.
  • Do not use cleaning solutions more than once.
  • Always see your eye care professional for regular checks as required.


The best monthly contact lenses are made from materials that allow your eyes to stay hydrated and get enough oxygen while ensuring optimum comfort throughout the day.

They also cost less than daily contacts and are eco-friendlier since you discard them once a month. Choosing the best contact lens for you will often come down to a matter of preference.

But if you are looking for the best monthly contacts, look towards the contact lenses on our list.


Are Monthly Contacts Cheaper Than Daily Contacts?

Yes. Monthly contacts are typically cheaper than daily contacts upfront. However, the additional cost of getting contact cases and cleaning solutions can add to the monthly contact cost.

Which Monthly Contact Lenses Are the Best?

The best monthly contacts provide the right balance of visual acuity, comfort, and hydration. Many of the leading contact brands manufacture products that provide this balance.

Are There Contact Lenses You Can Wear for a Month?

Yes. Some extended wear contact lenses are approved for continuous wear for up to a month. However, ensure you get your doctor’s approval before wearing these types of contacts.

Which Contact Lens Is Best for Your Eyes?

The best contact lens for your eyes depends on your prescription and lifestyle preferences. If you have a busy schedule and may not be able to care for your contacts regularly, consider using daily contacts.

You may want to consider monthly contacts if you know you can go through the daily routine of caring for your contacts.

Are Monthly Contacts Safe?

Monthly contacts are safe to use provided you adhere to the contact care guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer.

Who Cannot Wear Contact Lenses?

Individuals with recurrent dry eyes, contact allergies, and those susceptible to eye infections may not be considered a good fit for contact lenses.