How Do Acuvue Lenses Compare to Biofinity or Dailies Total1?

Acuvue, Biofinity, and Dailies Total1 are all prominent players in the contact lens market, each offering unique features and technologies. Acuvue lenses are known for their wide range of options and advanced technologies like HydraLuxe and UV protection. Biofinity stands out with its Aquaform Technology and monthly replacement schedule, while Dailies Total1 is recognized for its high water content surface and daily disposable format.

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Comparative Table of Key Features

Feature Acuvue Biofinity Dailies Total1
Replacement Schedule Daily, Biweekly, Monthly, Extended Monthly Daily
Water Content Varies by type (e.g., 38% for Oasys) 48% 33% (up to 80% at surface)
Key Technologies HydraLuxe, UV Protection Aquaform Technology Water Gradient, Smart Tears
Oxygen Permeability High (e.g., 121 Dk/t for Oasys) High Very High (156 Dk/t)
Special Features Wide range for different conditions, UV blocking Natural wettability, comfortable for extended wear High surface water content, ideal for dry eyes

Detailed Comparison of Lens Features

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Acuvue: A Diverse Range with Advanced Technologies

Acuvue lenses, produced by Johnson & Johnson, are renowned for their diverse range and innovative technologies. They offer various replacement schedules, including daily, biweekly, monthly, and extended wear, catering to different user preferences. Acuvue's standout features include HydraLuxe Technology for enhanced comfort, UV protection for eye safety, and a variety of options for different vision conditions like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Biofinity: Comfort and Clarity in a Monthly Lens

Biofinity lenses, manufactured by CooperVision, are monthly silicone hydrogel lenses known for their Aquaform Technology. This technology ensures natural wettability and high oxygen permeability, providing comfort and clarity. With a 48% water content, Biofinity lenses are designed to retain moisture, making them a suitable choice for extended wear.

Dailies Total1: Daily Disposable with Superior Hydration

Dailies Total1, produced by Alcon, are daily disposable lenses that prioritize eye hydration. These lenses feature a unique Water Gradient Technology and Smart Tears Technology, offering a cushion of moisture for the eyes. With a 33% water content that increases to over 80% at the lens surface, these lenses are ideal for those with dry eyes or a busy lifestyle.

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Significant Points: What Sets Each Brand Apart

  • Acuvue: Offers a wide variety of lenses with advanced technologies like HydraLuxe and UV protection, catering to a broad range of vision conditions.
  • Biofinity: Known for their monthly lenses consisting of Aquaform Technology, providing natural wettability and comfort for extended wear.
  • Dailies Total1: Stands out for its daily disposable format with high water content and technologies aimed at providing superior hydration and comfort.


When comparing Acuvue lenses to Biofinity or Dailies Total1, each brand offers unique features and technologies catering to different user needs. Acuvue provides a wide range of options with advanced features, Biofinity focuses on comfort and clarity in a monthly format, and Dailies Total1 excels in daily disposables with superior hydration. The choice depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and specific eye care requirements.

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