Infuse One-Day 90 Pack

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Infuse One-Day 90 Pack
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Product Details

Product Description

Bausch and Lomb Infuse daily contacts are a next-generation pair of contacts that offer excellent optics, breathability, and lasting comfort. They retain up to 96% moisture for up to 16 hours using unique ProBalance Technology with high-definition optics for optimal visual performance.

These are single-use daily contact lenses - dailies - prescribed for far and nearsightedness. They require no cleaning or maintenance and leave your eyes feeling fresh every time you put on a new pair.

Bausch and Lomb Infuse contacts are made of Galyfilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material with 55% water content that keeps your eyes hydrated throughout the day. They also have high transmissibility, ensuring your eyes get enough oxygen to stay white and healthy.

Bausch and Lomb Infuse contact lenses have a blue visibility tint for easy handling and spotting. These contacts offer UV protection and come in boxes of 90 contacts immersed in sterile buffered saline solution. For the best prices, order your Infuse contacts with Webeyecare.

Recommended Replacement Schedule for Bausch and Lomb Infuse Contacts

Bausch and Lomb Infuse contacts have a daily replacement schedule. They require zero cleaning or maintenance, and they must be discarded and replaced with a fresh pair after each use.

Extra Features of Bausch and Lomb Infuse Daily Contact Lenses

Bausch and Lomb Infuse contacts have the following features for optimal visual acuity and superior comfort:

  • ProBalance Technology
  • ProBalance is Bausch and Lomb’s innovative technology that combines various ingredients (wetting agents, electrolytes, and osmoprotectants) that reduce dryness due to lens wear, further improving lens comfort, and support regulating ocular surface homeostasis; the balanced state of the eye’s environment.

  • High Definition Optics
  • High-definition optics reduces spherical aberration, a barrier to high-quality vision in low light conditions. This design helps reduce halos and glares around headlights and signs at night, meaning you can benefit from great vision in dimly lit or bright environments.

  • UV Protection
  • Bausch and Lomb Infuse Daily Contacts offer Class 2 UV blocking - one of the highest levels of UV protection in a contact lens. These contacts can shield your eyes from over 75% UVA and 95% UVB rays.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do Bausch and Lomb Infuse Daily Contacts Fit Best?

Bausch and Lomb Infuse daily contacts are single-use contacts suited to those with busy schedules who want to avoid the hassle of a contact care routine. Their lasting hydration makes them perfect for first-time wearers who desire lasting comfort from their disposable contacts. They are also suitable for dry, challenging environments, as their high-definition optics make them an excellent choice for those who often work from digital screens or when driving at night.

They offer Class 2 UV protection, so they may be a suitable choice for individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors. Wearing contacts alone does not fully protect your eyes against the sun’s radiation, but they can offer extra protection combined with sunglasses.


  • Product Name: Infuse One-Day 90 Pack
  • Lenses/Box: 90 individually packaged lenses per box
  • Boxes Needed For One Year Supply: 8 boxes (4 boxes per eye)
  • Vision Correction: Corrects vision for people with Nearsightedness or Farsightedness
  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
  • Contact Lens Material: 45% Kalifilcon A
  • Brand: Infuse


At the moment, there are no rebate offers for the Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts. Manufacturer rebate promotions tend to vary over time. However, please revisit this page to stay updated on any new rebate opportunities for this product.


Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90 Pack FAQ

How long can you wear Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts?

Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts are daily single-use contacts that you can wear for up to 16 hours a day before removing them. They must be discarded after each use and replaced with a fresh pair the following day.

Who makes Infuse One-Day 90 pack contact lenses?

Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts are made by Bausch and Lomb, one of the world’s largest suppliers of contact lenses and lens care products. Bausch and Lomb have been supplying eye care products for nearly 170 years and are the makers of other brands like Biotrue and Purevision.

How many contacts come in a box of Infuse One-Day 90 pack?

A box of Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90-pack contains 90 contacts, enough for a three-month supply. Each box is designed for a single eye, so you will need two boxes for three months in total.

Is it okay to wear Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts for two days?

No. You should not wear Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts for two days. They should be discarded and replaced with a fresh pair after each use. Wearing daily contact lenses for two days can lead to deposit and bacteria buildup, which can lead to severe eye infections.

Can I take a 10-minute nap with Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts?

It is not advisable to sleep in Bausch and Lomb Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts - or contacts in general - even for a short period of time especially if they are not extended wear lenses. Sleeping in contacts deprives your eyes of the oxygen required to fight bacteria and germs in order to keep them healthy which can lead to dry, irritated eyes.

If you accidentally fall asleep in your contacts, you must take them off immediately after you wake up. If needed, wait a few minutes before removing, and use rewetting drops if your eyes are too dry in order to remove them safely. Give your eyes a few hours or a day to recuperate before wearing contacts again.

Are Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts monthly?

Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts are daily disposable lenses– not monthly. At this time, Bausch and Lomb Infuse primarily focuses on daily disposable contacts and does not offer monthly contacts under the Infuse line.

Can you sleep in Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts?

No, you should not sleep in Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts. They are designed for daily wear only and should be discarded at the end of the day. The recommended wearing time is during waking hours, and they should be removed before sleeping to maintain eye health and comfort.

How many Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts do I need for a year’s supply?

For a year's supply of Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts, you will need 8 boxes in total–4 boxes for each eye in other words. This ensures you will have a fresh pair of lenses every day for optimal vision and comfort throughout the year.

Are Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts available for both nearsightedness and farsightedness?

Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts are designed to address both nearsightedness and farsightedness. These lenses are capable of correcting vision for people who are experiencing these conditions.

Do Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts offer UV protection?

Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts provide UV protection, shielding the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. However, they shouldn't be used as a replacement for protective eyewear. It's always advisable to wear sunglasses outdoors for comprehensive UV protection.

Can Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts be worn by individuals with astigmatism?

No, Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts are not designed for astigmatism. For individuals with astigmatism, Bausch and Lomb offer an alternative type of lens, such as the Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Astigmatism. It's essential to choose lenses that cater to specific eye conditions for optimal vision and comfort.

How do Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts compare to other Bausch and Lomb contact lenses?

Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts emphasize hydration and reduced dryness, offering enhanced comfort throughout the day. Unlike some other Bausch and Lomb lenses, these are daily disposables, ensuring you have a fresh pair every day. Their unique material aids in maintaining moisture, making them unique from traditional contact options.

How should Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts be properly cared for and stored?

Maintaining eye health with contact lenses requires proper care and storage. Follow this guide for Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts:

  1. Always wash your hands before handling.
  2. Use a recommended lens solution for cleaning.
  3. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.
  4. Store in a clean lens case with fresh solution.
  5. Dispose daily and never reuse

Can Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts be used by people with sensitive eyes?

Yes, Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts are designed for comfort, making them suitable for people with sensitive eyes. Their moisture-rich formulation helps reduce eye dryness, providing relief and minimizing irritation commonly experienced by those with sensitive eyes. Always consult an optometrist for personalized advice.

What are the potential side effects or risks of wearing Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts?

Wearing Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts may lead to common side effects such as dryness, redness, or occasional discomfort. In rare cases, serious infections or corneal abrasions can occur. However, when used as directed and with proper hygiene, this product is generally safe and effective for daily wear.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Infuse One-Day 90 pack contact lenses?

Yes, a prescription is required to purchase Infuse One-Day 90 pack contact lenses. Contact lenses directly affect eye health, and a prescription ensures the lenses match an individual's specific eye measurements and needs, promoting safety and optimal vision. Always consult with an optometrist for the correct fitting.

How comfortable are Infuse One-Day 90-pack contacts for daily wear?

Infuse One-Day 90 pack contacts are designed for daily wear comfort. They are made of a unique silicone hydrogel material that promotes high oxygen permeability. The lens also incorporates moisture technology, ensuring a hydrating experience, reducing dryness, and enhancing overall comfort throughout the day.

Product Review

Infuse One-Day 90 Pack Professional Review

The Infuse One-Day 90 Pack is an innovative contact lens solution tailored to meet the demands of modern-day wearers, providing sharp vision and comfort for daily wear. Drawing from my experience in clinical settings, I had the privilege of evaluating the performance of this particular contact lens product. In the following sections, I am eager to share a comprehensive review based on my observations and insights as an eye care professional.


The Infuse One-Day lenses are constructed using advanced hydrogel material, optimized for high oxygen permeability. This feature ensures that the eyes remain fresh and breathable throughout the day. The lenses are also designed to resist deposits, preventing any potential vision obstruction and maintaining a clear and crisp visual experience.


A defining feature of the Infuse One-Day lenses is their exceptional hydration retention. During clinical tests, these lenses maintained optimal moisture levels, consistently counteracting the dry-eye sensation that some users experience with other brands. Users can expect sustained hydration for a majority of their wearing time, though individual results might vary slightly.

UV Blocking

The Infuse One-Day lenses come with integrated UV blocking capabilities. Testing revealed that they effectively block a substantial portion of harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, it's important to emphasize that while these lenses provide an added layer of UV protection, they should not be a substitute for protective eyewear like sunglasses, given they don't shield the entire eye area.


Designed for daily wear, the 90-pack offers a three-month supply for one eye. For optimal comfort and eye health, wearing the lenses beyond 10 to 12 hours a day is not recommended. Those considering a year-round daily usage should be prepared to procure 8 boxes in total, with 4 boxes allocated for each eye.


The Infuse One-Day 90 Pack contact lens scored high on comfort metrics during evaluations. Most users found the lens exceptionally comfortable, even when worn up to the maximum recommended hours. Still, it's crucial to recognize that individual tolerances can differ. Adherence to the usage guidelines on the product label or as directed by an eye care professional is imperative. Should any irritation or discomfort arise, it's advisable to promptly remove the lenses and consult a professional.


The Infuse One-Day 90 Pack positions itself as a strong contender in the daily wear lens market, with its advanced material, hydration, and UV blocking capabilities. However, as with all products, there are areas of improvement. The UV coverage, while commendable, could be more expansive. Additionally, individual experiences with hydration might differ. Nonetheless, its overall performance and comfort make it a notable choice for daily lens wearers.

Customer Reviews