TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack

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TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack
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Product Details

Product Description

TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack contacts are the first and only monthly contacts with Water Gradient Technology for users with astigmatism. They offer clear vision and comfort even after 30 days of wear. These contacts are manufactured by Alcon and prescribed for correcting astigmatism, a refractive error that causes blurry or distorted vision due to the uneven shape of the cornea or lens.

TOTAL30 for Astigmatism monthly contact lenses offer premium comfort with Alcon’s innovative Celligent Technology. This technology keeps the water gradient for 30 days and resists deposits and bacteria, keeping your eyes moist and healthy throughout the month.

Alcon’s TOTAL30 for Astigmatism monthly contact lenses ensure keeping your eyes hydrated and comfortable with its gentle moisture cushion. They also protect your eyes from 90% UVA and 99% UVB rays. TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts are perfect for people who want reusable contact lenses without compromising comfort. Find TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contact lens prices on WebEyeCare.

Recommended Replacement Schedule for TOTAL30 for Astigmatism Contact Lenses

TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts are daily-wear contacts with a monthly replacement schedule. They are designed to be worn every day and then cleaned and disinfected each night for 30 days. You can disinfect Alcon TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts with either a multipurpose solution or a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Extra Features of TOTAL30 for Astigmatism Contacts

TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts have the following features:

  • Water Gradient
  • TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts are the first monthly astigmatism contact lenses to employ Alcon’s Water Gradient design, a unique technology that keeps the lens moist all month by pulling water in the edges of the contact lens. Water Gradient design creates a gentle moisture cushion, so you don’t feel there’s anything on your eyes. An Alcon study showed that the Water Gradient design keeps TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts twice as hydrated as other contact lenses.

  • Celligent Technology
  • Alcon’s Celligent Technology mimics the surface structure of the human eye to create a gel-like structure that keeps out harmful deposits. Celligent comprises polymeric fibers that attract smaller water molecules and block eye lipids and bacteria with every eyelid movement, keeping the eyes healthy all month long.

What are TOTAL30 for Astigmatism Contacts Made of?

Total 30 contacts are made of Lehfilcon A, a soft silicone hydrogel material with a 55% water content at the core and almost 100% at the surface. It provides a soft cushion that minimizes lens awareness. The Lehfilcon A in TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts enhances water retention and promotes oxygen transmission and comfort. It is durable and can withstand a 30-day cleaning, disinfection, and storage regimen without becoming less comfortable. TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack comes as six-monthly disposable contact lenses in buffered saline.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do Alcon TOTAL30 for Astigmatism Fit Best?

Alcon TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contact lenses are monthly disposables that require daily cleaning and disinfection. They are suitable for people who can maintain a good eye hygiene regimen. You also have to remember to carry your contact cleaning solution and storage case if you need to travel. TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts are cost-effective and ideal for people on a budget.

They also offer UV protection, so you want to consider them if you spend much time outdoors. TOTAL30 for Astigmatism contacts may also be suitable for you if you are worried about the environmental impact of contact lenses. As monthly contacts, you use a maximum of 12 lenses a year.


  • Product Name: TOTAL30 for Astigmatism 6 Pack
  • Lenses/Box: 6 individually packaged lenses per box
  • Boxes Needed For One Year Supply: 4 boxes (2 boxes per eye)
  • Vision Correction: Corrects vision for people with Astigmatism
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • Contact Lens Material: lehfilcon A
  • Brand: DAILIES


Currently there are no rebates available for this product. The manufacturer's rebate programs change frequently. Please check back periodically to see if new rebates are available for this product.


Total 30 for Astigmatism Contact Lenses FAQ

Can you sleep in Alcon Total 30 for Astigmatism?

No. Alcon Total 30 Toric contacts are daily-wear monthly replaceable contacts. You have to take them out each night before you go to bed and store them in the approved solution. Sleeping with Total 30 lenses can decrease the oxygen supply to the eyes and put you at risk of infections.

What is a water gradient contact lens?

A water gradient contact lens is a contact lens that provides hydration with water content transitions from the core to the surface of the lens, keeping the wearer hydrated even after a full day’s wear.

Are monthly contacts good for 30 days or 30 wears?

Monthly contacts have a recommended maximum wear time of 30 days. It would be best to discard them precisely 30 days after you open the blister pack, irrespective of how many times you have worn them.

What is Delefilcon A?

Delefilcon A is a low-water silicone hydrogel material used in making soft contact lenses. It has a high oxygen transmission and offers long-lasting lubrication and comfort.

What happens if I use my contacts for more than a month?

Wearing your contact lenses for more than a month can lead to protein buildup, which can decrease the amount of oxygen that gets into your eyes, making them prone to redness and irritation. It can also cause infections, which can lead to partial or complete vision loss.

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