Dailies Colors 90 Pack

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Product Details

Product Description

Give your eyes an enhanced look with Dailies color contacts. Dailies Colors 90 Pack corrects farsightedness and nearsightedness with color enhancements that make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Dailies colored contacts are single-use daily disposables that allow you to enjoy a fresh feeling every day. They offer unique eye color enhancements and an eye-defining outer ring that enhances eye appearance. Alcon Dailies colors are available in four Mystic colors so you can wear a different look every day.

Dailies colors are made from soft hydrogel material for all-day comfort and hydration. They are also available as Plano non-corrective colored contacts to change your eye color even if you don’t need vision correction. Please note that you still need a prescription to purchase non-corrective contact lenses.

Dailies color contacts can be a great option for you if you want to make a fashion statement with your eyes. They are also great for costumes and parties, and they bring a vibrancy that is sure to make you stand out. Find Dailies Colors 90-pack contacts on WebEyeCare at the best prices.

Recommended Replacement Schedule for Alcon DAILIES Colors

Alcon Dailies colors have a daily replacement schedule, meaning that you have to discard and replace them with a new pair every day. Like non-colored daily disposables, they require no cleaning or maintenance. Wearing Dailies colors more than once can lead to the buildup of bacteria and eye deposits, putting your eyes at a risk for infections.

Colors Available for DAILIES Colored Contacts

Dailies colored contacts are available in four colors:

  • Mystic Blue
  • Dailies Colors Mystic Blue contacts allow you to give your eyes a classy blue tint, and they imitate the eye’s natural patterns with a beautiful blue tone on a clear background. Enjoy a beautiful, bold, blue look with contact lenses that fit almost any type of outfit or color palette.

  • Mystic Gray
  • Dailies Mystic Gray contacts give your eyes a brilliant and elegant appearance. With a multi-toned design on a clear background, Mystic Gray dailies blend seamlessly with your natural eye color to produce a beautiful mix that enhances your skin tone.

  • Mystic Green
  • Get spectacular bold green eyes with Dailies Mystic Green contacts. Mystic Green has a less defined outer ring than other colors and allows you to change your eye color with a vibrant but subtle design that blends with the rest of your appearance for a striking look.

  • Mystic Hazel
  • Switch up your look with a light brown shade when you wear Dailies Mystic Hazel. These contacts complement your outfit and give you a sophisticated look, whether you are going for your daily activities or a special event.

What are DAILIES Colors 90 Pack Made of?

Dailies Colors 90 Pack contacts are made of Nelfilcon A, soft hydrogel material with 69% water content. The high water content ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and get enough oxygen to remain clear and white - even when you change your eye color.

Nelfilcon A delivers remarkable moisture retention for increased comfortable wearing time and comfort compared to other daily disposable lens materials. This material also has a higher resistance to protein deposit formation than other lens material types.

Dailies Colors 90 Pack contacts come packaged as 90 sterile, single-use daily wear soft contact lenses immersed in buffered saline containing up to 0.02% Poloxamer.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do Alcon DAILIES Colors Fit Best?

Dailies colors Alcon contacts best fit people with farsightedness or nearsightedness who want to make a fashion statement with their contacts. Single-use color contacts combine the aesthetics of colored contacts with the convenience of daily disposables, making them perfect for wearers who do not want to worry about lens cleaning or maintenance.

Dailies colors are also suitable for individuals who do not need vision correction but want to give themselves an enhanced look. They are made from soft hydrogel material with high water content for comfort and lasting hydration, making them an excellent contact lens option for people who work in challenging environments.


  • Product Name: Dailies Colors 90 Pack
  • Lenses/Box: 90 individually packaged lenses per box
  • Boxes Needed For One Year Supply: 8 boxes (4 boxes per eye)
  • Vision Correction: Corrects vision for people with Nearsightedness or Farsightedness
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • Contact Lens Material: Nelfilcon A
  • VTO: Contacts
  • Brand: DAILIES


Currently there are no rebates available for this product. The manufacturer's rebate programs change frequently. Please check back periodically to see if new rebates are available for this product.


DAILIES Colors 90 Pack FAQ

How many pairs of contacts are in a DAILIES Colors 90 pack?

A DAILIES Colors 90 pack contains 45 pairs of contacts if you have the same prescription for both eyes.

Do DAILIES AquaComfort come in colors?

No. Dailies AquaComfort contacts do not come in colors. However, Dailies Colors offer all the benefits and comfort of AquaComfort Plus contacts.

How many boxes of DAILIES Colors 90 pack is a year’s supply?

A box of DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts will last for three months; therefore, you will need four boxes per eye of 90 pack contacts for a year’s supply.

Do DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts work with brown eyes?

Yes. You can wear DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts even if you have brown eyes, but you choose the correct color, as some colors are more noticeable than others on brown eyes.

What color is Mystic Hazel?

The DAILIES Colors 90 pack offers the color "Mystic Hazel." It is a specific color option available in this pack, allowing you to enhance your eye color with a beautiful hazel hue. With the DAILIES Colors 90 pack, you can enjoy the convenience of daily disposable lenses while adding a touch of mystique to your look.

Can you sleep in DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts?

No, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts are not designed for overnight wear. They are daily disposable lenses meant to be discarded at the end of the day. The recommended wearing time is up to 16 hours per day.

How many DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts do I need for a year’s supply?

For a year's supply, you would need 8 boxes of DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts, which would provide a total of 360 lenses (180 pairs).

Are DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts available for both nearsightedness and farsightedness?

Yes, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts are available for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Alcon offers different options to cater to various vision needs.

Do DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts offer UV protection?

No, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts do not provide UV protection. It is important to wear sunglasses or other UV-blocking eyewear to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Can DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts be worn by individuals with astigmatism?

No, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts are not designed for astigmatism correction. Individuals with astigmatism can explore other specialized DAILIES products for this condition.

How do DAILIES Colors 90 pack compare to other DAILIES contact lenses?

DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts offer the fun and convenience of daily disposable colored lenses, allowing you to change your eye color. Unlike other DAILIES contacts, they provide the option for cosmetic enhancement.

How should DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts be properly cared for and stored?

DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts are daily disposable lenses, so there is no need for cleaning or storing. Simply discard them after each day's use and start with a fresh pair the next morning.

Can DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts be used by people with sensitive eyes?

Yes, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts can be suitable for individuals with sensitive eyes. They are made with a breathable material that promotes comfort during wear.

What are the potential side effects or risks of wearing DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts?

The most common side effects of wearing contact lenses may include dryness, irritation, and discomfort. However, when used as directed and with proper care, DAILIES Colors 90 pack contacts are generally safe.

Do I need a prescription to purchase DAILIES Colors 90 pack contact lenses?

Yes, a prescription from an eye care professional is required to purchase DAILIES Colors 90 pack contact lenses. A comprehensive eye exam ensures proper fitting and safe use of contact lenses.

DAILIES Colors 90 Pack Professional Review

DAILIES Colors 90 Pack is an innovative contact lens pack specifically designed for users seeking a fresh look combined with exceptional comfort. As a colored daily disposable contact lens, this product allows users to enhance their natural eye color while ensuring optimal eye health.

Having evaluated the DAILIES Colors 90 Pack in a clinical setting, I'm well positioned to provide insight into the performance of this product. This evaluation will provide you with an in-depth review from an eye care professional's perspective.


The DAILIES Colors lenses are made from Nelfilcon A, a polymer designed to optimize comfort and breathability. This high-quality material ensures that enough oxygen reaches the eye, preventing discomfort or dryness. Additionally, the color pigments are encapsulated within the lens material, ensuring that they don't touch your eyes, enhancing safety and comfort.


These lenses use a technology called AquaComfort, which helps to maintain hydration throughout the day. Clinical tests showed that the lens stays comfortably moist for about 14 to 16 hours, after which they might start to feel slightly dry. For most wearers, this surpasses the recommended daily usage time, providing all-day comfort.

UV Blocking

The DAILIES Colors do not offer UV protection. This is indeed a drawback as UV protection is important in shielding the eyes from harmful UV rays that can lead to cataracts or other eye conditions. It's recommended to supplement these lenses with UV-blocking sunglasses for complete protection.


Each 90 pack offers a 3-month supply for one eye when worn daily and disposed of at the end of the day. In terms of daily wear, these lenses provide optimal comfort for up to 10-12 hours, although some wearers reported comfort for up to 14 hours. Despite these reports, it is advisable to stick to the general guideline of 10 to 12 hours of wear per day.


Users consistently reported a high level of comfort while wearing DAILIES Colors lenses, even during extended periods. Despite these positive reports, it's crucial to remember that individual needs and tolerances can vary. Always follow the usage instructions provided or seek advice from an eye care professional if discomfort or irritation occurs.


Overall, the DAILIES Colors 90 Pack delivers superior comfort and an attractive color enhancement for the eyes, thanks to its high-quality material and hydration technology. The lack of UV protection is a slight drawback, but this can be easily mitigated with the use of UV-blocking sunglasses. For those looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish daily disposable lens, DAILIES Colors 90 Pack is certainly worth considering.

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