Nick Zelver

Nick Zelver
Nick Zelver

Nick Zelver is the Editor at WebEyeCare. With a professional journey beginning at Optimax Eyewear in Tel Aviv, Nick excelled as the Director of Online Sales Channels, where he spearheaded the development of strategic sales channels and branding initiatives, fostering significant growth in online sales. His notable achievements in the field are underpinned by a rigorous academic foundation, having earned an entrance scholarship to Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

Nick's areas of expertise include a deep understanding of glasses—ranging from their marketing to technological advancements in eyewear. His writings often dig into the latest trends in eyecare technology and practical advice for consumers, reflecting his broad yet profound knowledge in the field. Nick's work is influenced by key texts such as Alberta Kelley’s “Lenses, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, and Contacts: The Story of Vision Aids,” which offers a comprehensive history and future outlook of vision aids, further deepening his engagement with eyecare advancements.

Dedicated to his craft, Nick continuously seeks to enhance his understanding and keep abreast of the latest developments through participation in industry-leading events, such as the 2021 BCLA Virtual Clinical Conference and webinars hosted by the Johnson & Johnson Institute.

Outside of his professional life, Nick is passionate about swimming, hockey, and cherishing family time. He lives by the philosophies that "Never put your eggs in one basket" and "Hard work always pays off," principles that guide both his career and personal life.

To read more about Nick's contributions to the field or to engage with his content, follow him via his LinkedIn profile or contact him via email at nick@webeyecare.com. Explore Nick’s previous articles and thought leadership pieces, where his depth of experience and passion for eyecare are always on full display, and learn more about the profound influences that shape his approach to vision care and marketing in the eyecare industry.

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