Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Biofinity 6 Pack?

Yes, you do need a prescription to buy Biofinity 6 Pack contact lenses. In the United States, federal law mandates a valid prescription for purchasing any type of contact lenses, including Biofinity. This requirement ensures that the lenses are suitable for your eyes and vision needs.

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Prescription Requirement for Contact Lenses

Biofinity and Biofinity Toric 6 Packs

Purchasing contact lenses, such as the Biofinity 6 Pack, is not as seamless as buying over-the-counter items. The need for a prescription is rooted in health and safety concerns. Contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This classification means that they must be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional to ensure they are safe, effective, and suitable for the wearer's specific vision needs.

The Role of Eye Care Professionals in Prescribing Biofinity Lenses

An eye care professional (ECP) plays a crucial role in prescribing Biofinity contact lenses. During an eye examination, the ECP assesses your vision and eye health, determining the correct lens power, base curve, and diameter for your eyes. This personalized approach helps in preventing complications such as eye strain, infections, or discomfort.

Legal Implications of Buying Contact Lenses Without a Prescription

Purchasing contact lenses without a valid prescription is not only risky for your eye health but also illegal. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, which requires sellers to verify prescriptions with the prescribing doctor. This law ensures that consumers receive the correct lenses for their eyes.

Online Purchases: Prescription Verification Process

When buying Biofinity 6 Pack online, reputable retailers like Webeyecare.com adhere to federal laws by verifying your prescription with your ECP. This process is straightforward and ensures that you receive the correct lenses. You can provide the retailer with your ECP's contact information, and they will handle the verification.

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Risks of Using Incorrect or Unprescribed Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses that are not prescribed specifically for your eyes can lead to serious eye health issues. Incorrect lenses may cause the following so it's crucial to use only lenses that match your prescription:

  • • Discomfort
  • • Blurred Vision
  • • Long-term damage to your eyes

Key Facts About Biofinity 6 Pack

Fact Detail
Material Silicone Hydrogel
Water Content 48%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t) 160
Replacement Frequency Monthly
FDA Approval Yes
Prescription Required Yes
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Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting Your Biofinity 6 Pack Prescription to Web Eye Care

Ordering Biofinity 6 Pack contact lenses from WebEyeCare is a straightforward process, but it's important to ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date prescription information. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you submit your prescription correctly and comply with legal requirements.

Step 1: Gather Your Current Prescription

Before placing an order, make sure you have your most recent prescription from your eye care provider. This prescription should be valid under the applicable provincial, state, and/or federal laws.

Step 2: Ensure Your Order Matches Your Current Use

Your order should correspond to the Biofinity contact lenses you are currently using successfully. It's important to order the same brand and specifications as prescribed to you.

Step 3: Confirm Your Suitability for Biofinity Contact Lenses

By proceeding with your order, you confirm that you have not been advised by a doctor to refrain from wearing Biofinity contact lenses. It's your responsibility to ensure you're suitable for wearing the lenses you're ordering.

Step 4: Complete the Online Order Form

Fill out the online order form on WebEyeCare’s website with all of your details. By doing so, you agree to their terms and acknowledge that you have a valid prescription that hasn't been advised against by a doctor.

Step 5: WebEyeCares Prescription Validation

Web Eye Care will validate your Biofinity prescription information with your eye care provider. This step is crucial to ensure the accuracy and suitability of your order.

Step 6: Understanding Web Eye Care's Rights

Be aware that Web Eye Care reserves the right to refuse a supply of Biofinity 6-Pack contact lenses if they believe the selected products are not per your optician or optometrist’s specifications, or if they pose a risk to your health.

Important to Remember

It's essential to remember that a prescription for Biofinity 6 Pack is not just a formality but a critical step in ensuring your eye health and comfort. Always consult with an ECP and follow their guidance for the safe and effective use of contact lenses. Never compromise on the health of your eyes by using unprescribed lenses.

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