How Do I Care for Biofinity Toric 6-Pack?

Caring for Biofinity Toric 6 Pack contact lenses involves a routine of cleaning, storing, and handling them properly. These lenses are designed for monthly use. With the right care, they can provide comfort and clear vision for people with astigmatism. It's essential to follow the recommended guidelines to maintain eye health and lens effectiveness.

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Basic Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity and safety of your Biofinity Toric lenses, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean and rinse your lenses daily with a recommended solution.
  2. Store them in a clean lens case filled with fresh solution.
  3. Replace your lenses as directed; typically every 30 days.

Detailed Care Guide for Biofinity Toric Lenses

Understanding Your Lenses

Biofinity Toric lenses are specially designed for astigmatism correction and are made from a unique silicone hydrogel material, Comfilcon A. They incorporate Aquaform Technology, ensuring high oxygen permeability and moisture retention. Understanding these features is key to caring for your lenses properly.

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

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Routine Cleaning

To maintain the quality of your lenses, it's crucial to clean them daily. Use a recommended multi-purpose solution to gently rub and rinse your lenses. This process removes protein deposits and other impurities.

Handling Tips

Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Avoid using soaps with moisturizing agents or oils, as they can leave a residue on your lenses.

Storing Your Lenses

Proper Storage

After cleaning, place your lenses in a clean lens case filled with fresh solution. Ensure that the lenses are fully submerged in the solution.

Case Care

Rinse your lens case with fresh solution, not water, and leave it open to air dry. Replace your lens case every three months to prevent bacterial growth.

Extended Wear and Replacement Schedule

Wearing Schedule

Biofinity Toric lenses are approved for extended wear up to 7 consecutive days and nights. However, it's best to consult with your eye care professional before opting for extended wear.

Monthly Replacement

These lenses are designed for monthly disposal. Stick to this schedule to avoid eye irritation or infections.

Safe Practices

Avoid Water Contact

Do not swim or shower while wearing your lenses. Exposure to water can lead to bacterial contamination.

No Overnight Wear Unless Approved

Unless specifically prescribed by your eye care professional, do not sleep in your lenses.

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Eye Health and Regular Check-ups

  • Regular Eye Exams: Schedule regular appointments with your eye care professional to ensure your eyes remain healthy and your prescription is up-to-date.
  • Monitor for Discomfort: If you experience any discomfort, redness, or irritation, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional.

Significant Points

  • • Biofinity Toric lenses require daily cleaning with a recommended solution and proper storage in a clean lens case.
  • • They are designed for monthly use and should be replaced as per the prescribed schedule.
  • • Regular eye check-ups and adherence to safe practices, like avoiding water contact and overnight wear (unless prescribed), are crucial for maintaining eye health.

The Bottom Line

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Biofinity Toric lenses provide optimal vision correction and comfort, while also keeping your eyes healthy and free from complications. Remember, when in doubt, always consult your eye care professional for personalized advice and recommendations.

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