Is the Biotrue ONEday 90-Pack a Better Value Compared to Smaller Boxes of Biotrue ONEday Lenses?

Yes, the Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack offers a better value for the cost compared to purchasing smaller boxes of Biotrue ONEday lenses. This is due to the lower cost per lens in the larger pack, the convenience of having a longer supply, and the reduced frequency of purchases.

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Comprehensive Cost Analysis: Biotrue ONEday 90-Pack vs. Smaller Packs

Biotrue 90 Pack Family

When considering the value of Biotrue ONEday 90-Pack, it's essential to analyze the cost per lens and the total cost over a specific period. Packs with a larger quantity typically offer a lower price per lens, which can lead to significant savings over time.

Price Breakdown and Long-Term Savings

A detailed comparison of the cost per lens in the 90 Pack versus smaller packs reveals that the larger pack is more economical. For instance, if a 30-pack costs $31.95, the price per lens is higher when compared to the 90-pack, which is priced at $61.95, offering a lower cost per lens. Over one year, these savings become substantial.

Table: Cost Comparison of Biotrue ONEday Packs

Pack Size Cost Per Box Cost Per Lens Annual Cost (2 Eyes)
30-Pack $31.95 $1.07 $781.1
90-Pack $61.95 $0.69 $503.7

*Note: These prices are estimated and may vary based on the retailer and location. The annual cost is calculated assuming daily use for both eyes.

Convenience and Practicality: Less Frequent Purchases

Buying the 90-Pack means fewer purchases throughout the year, which is convenient and time-saving. This reduces the hassle of frequent reordering and the risk of running out of lenses.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Larger packs also have a lower environmental impact due to their reduced packaging waste compared to buying multiple smaller packs. This aspect is important for environmentally conscious consumers.

Eye Health Considerations: Consistent Lens Quality

Using lenses from the same batch, as provided in a 90-pack, ensures consistency in quality and reduces the risk of eye irritation that can sometimes occur when switching between packages.

Assurance of Lens Integrity

Larger packs ensure that you have a consistent supply of lenses from a single production batch, which can benefit sensitive eyes or those prone to allergies.

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Significant Points

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The Biotrue ONEday 90-Pack offers a lower cost per lens, making it more economical than smaller packs.
  • Convenience: Less frequent purchases and the assurance of having a long-term supply add to the convenience of the 90 Pack.
  • Environmental Benefit: Buying in larger quantities reduces packaging waste, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Consistent Quality: Using lenses from the same batch ensures consistent quality, which is beneficial for eye health.


The Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack offers a superior value proposition compared to purchasing smaller boxes of Biotrue ONEday lenses. Their cost-effectiveness, convenience, reduced environmental impact, and consistent lens quality make these contact lenses an excellent choice for contact lens users.

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