What Are the Benefits of Clariti 1-Day 90 Pack Compared to Other Daily Disposable Brands?

The Clariti 1-Day 90 Pack offers several benefits over other daily disposable brands, including advanced moisture retention technology, high oxygen permeability, and UV protection. These lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, a material that enhances comfort and eye health. Additionally, they are the first net plastic-neutral contact lens brand in the U.S. – making these contact lenses an appealing choice to environmentally conscious consumers.

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Comparison Table: Clariti 1-Day vs. Other Brands

Feature Clariti 1-Day 1-Day Acuvue Moist Dailies AquaComfort Plus
Material Silicone Hydrogel Etafilcon A Silicone Hydrogel
Oxygen Permeability 86 Dk/t (at -3.00D) 25.5 x 10-9 (–3.00D) 26 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
Moisture Technology High water content (56%) LACREON® Technology Blink-activated moisture
UV Protection UVA and UVB blocker UV-blocking capability None

Enhanced Comfort and Eye Health

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Superior Moisture Retention

Clariti 1-Day lenses stand out with their WetLoc technology, designed to maintain moisture throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who experience dry eyes. The technology works by attracting and binding water molecules to the lens surface, ensuring that the eyes remain hydrated and comfortable, even during extended wear.

High Oxygen Permeability

One of the critical advantages of Clariti 1-Day lenses is their silicone hydrogel material, known for its high oxygen permeability. This feature allows up to six times more oxygen to reach the cornea compared to traditional hydrogel lenses. Increased oxygen flow helps maintain eye health and reduces the risk of complications associated with lens wear, such as corneal hypoxia.

UV Protection for Eye Safety

Shielding Eyes from Harmful Rays

Clariti 1-Day lenses offer an added layer of protection with their built-in UV blockers. These lenses can shield the eyes from over 50% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays, providing an extra safeguard against harmful solar radiation. It's important to note that while these lenses offer significant UV protection, they should be used in conjunction with other UV-blocking eyewear for complete protection.

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Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

First Net Plastic Neutral Contact Lens

In an age where environmental impact is a growing concern, Clariti 1-Day lenses offer a unique advantage as the first net plastic-neutral contact lens brand in the United States. For every box sold, CooperVision purchases a credit from Plastic Bank to offset the weight of plastic used in the lenses and packaging. This initiative resonates with environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable options in their contact lens choices.

Significant Points

  • Advanced Moisture Retention: WetLoc technology ensures all-day comfort for dry eyes.
  • High Oxygen Permeability: Silicone hydrogel material allows more oxygen to reach the cornea, contributing to overall eye health.
  • UV Protection: Offers significant protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Environmental Responsibility: The first net plastic-neutral contact lens brand in the U.S.
  • Comparison with Other Brands: Advanced material quality, oxygen permeability, and sustainability efforts.

In Conclusion

Clariti 1-Day 90 pack lenses offer a combination of comfort, eye health benefits, UV protection, and environmental responsibility, setting them apart from other daily disposable brands. These features make them a suitable choice for a wide range of contact lens wearers, particularly those who prioritize eye health and for those who are environmentally conscious.

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