Can I Sleep in DAILIES Total 1 90 Pack Lenses?

No, you should never sleep in DAILIES Total 1 90-pack lenses. These lenses are designed for daily use and not approved for overnight wear. Sleeping in these lenses can lead to various eye-health complications and risks, including reduced oxygen supply to the eyes, irritation, and increased risk of infection.

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The Risks of Overnight Wear

The Importance of Oxygen Transmission

One of the most critical aspects of contact lens safety is the transmission of oxygen to the cornea. Although the DAILIES Total 1 lenses are made, from silicone hydrogel intended to improve high oxygen permeability, this feature is only meant to function during the window of wear-time, as they are not designed for overnight use.

A Closer Look: Sleeping in these lenses can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the eyes, leading to complications such as corneal neovascularization. This is a process , where new blood vessels grow into the cornea due to oxygen deprivation. In worst case scenarios, these new vessels may leak and cause vision loss.

Potential for Infection and Irritation

Wearing contact lenses, especially while sleeping, increases the risk of developing microbial keratitis, the infection of the cornea. The closed-eye environment during sleep creates a warm, moist habitat that can foster bacterial growth. Especially when combined with makeup or other foreign particles trapped in the lens from the day.

Additionally, extended wear contact lenses can lead to dry eyes and irritation, further exacerbating the risk of infection and discomfort.

The Science Behind DAILIES Total 1

Material and Design

DAILIES Total 1 lenses are made from a unique material called Delefilcon A, which consists of a 33% water content. This material is designed to provide comfort and high oxygen permeability during waking hours, but not intended for the reduced- oxygen environment created when the eyes are closed during sleep.

Moisture-Enhancing Technologies

These lenses incorporate SmarTears Technology and Water Gradient technology, enhancing moisture and comfort. However, these technologies are optimized for daytime use and do not negate the risks associated with overnight wear.

Comparative Analysis of Daily Lenses

Table: Features of DAILIES Total 1

Feature Description
Material Delefilcon A
Water Content 33%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t) 156
Base Curve 8.5
Diameter 14.1
Replacement Schedule Daily Disposable

This table illustrates the key features of DAILIES Total 1 lenses, emphasizing their design for daily use.

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Recommendations for Safe Use

Adhering to Usage Guidelines

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for lens wear. DAILIES Total 1 lenses should be worn no longer than 10-12 hours during the day and must be disposed of after each use.

Alternatives for Extended Wear

If you require lenses that can be worn overnight, consult with your eye care professional for suitable extended-wear options. There are specific lenses designed for such use, but DAILIES Total 1 is not among them.

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Significant Points

  • . Do Not Sleep in Lenses: DAILIES Total 1 lenses are not designed for overnight wear.
  • . Risk of Infection: Sleeping in these lenses increases the risk of eye infections.
  • . Oxygen Permeability: While these lenses allow significant oxygen flow, they are not sufficient for safe overnight wear.
  • . Daily Disposable: These lenses are intended for single-day use and should be discarded after each day's wear.
  • . Consult an Eye Care Professional: For extended wear needs, seek advice for appropriate lens options.

The Bottom Line

While DAILIES Total 1 90-Pack lenses offer comfort and high oxygen permeability for daily wear, they are not suitable for overnight use. Sleeping in these lenses poses significant risks to eye health, including reduced oxygen supply and increased risk of infection. This is why it is crucial to always adhere to the recommended usage guidelines, and consult with an eye care professional for lenses suitable for overnight wear.

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