Can Infuse One-Day 90-Pack Contact Lenses Be Worn for More than 12 Hours?

Infuse One-day 90 Pack contact lenses, designed by Bausch and Lomb, are eligible to be worn beyond 12 hours. These daily disposable lenses are optimized for up to 16 hours of wear, but exceeding this duration can lead to discomfort and potential eye health risks. It is essential to adhere to the recommended wear time to maintain optimal eye health and lens performance.

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The Wear Time of Infuse One-Day 90-Pack

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The Design and Intended Use

Infuse One-Day 90-pack contact lenses are a product of Bausch and Lomb, a company renowned for their innovative and high-quality eye care products. These lenses are daily disposables, meaning they are designed to be worn once and then discarded.

Here’s the deal: The material used in these lenses, along with their moisture-retaining technology, makes them suitable for extended wear up to 16 hours. However, it is crucial to understand that the term extended-wear does not imply they can be worn safely beyond this time frame.

The Risks of Over-Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses for more than the recommended duration can lead to several eye health issues. Prolonged wear can cause:

  • • Dryness
  • • Irritation
  • • Increased risk of eye infections

The Infuse One-Day lenses, while designed for comfort, are not immune to these risks if over-worn.

The Science Behind the 16-Hour Recommendation

Material and Moisture Retention

The Infuse One-Day lenses are made from a unique blend of silicone hydrogel, known as Kalifilcon A. This material is highly permeable to oxygen, allowing more oxygen to the eye.

Additionally, these lenses maintain 96% of their moisture for a full 16 hours, which is crucial for comfort and eye health.

Oxygen Permeability and Eye Health

Oxygen permeability is a critical factor in contact lens design. The high oxygen permeability of Infuse One-Day lenses helps prevent redness and irritation caused by oxygen deprivation to the cornea. However, wearing them for more than 16 hours can negate these benefits.

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Practical Tips for Infuse One-Day Lens Wearers

Adhering to Recommended Wear Time

Users need to adhere to the 16-hour wear time. This routine ensures that the eyes get the necessary rest and oxygen exposure without the lenses.

Handling and Care

Even though these are disposable lenses, proper handling is crucial. Always wash your hands before applying or removing the lenses to minimize the risk of infection.

Relevant Data on Infuse One-Day 90 Pack

Feature Description
Material 45% Kalifilcon A
Water Content 55%
Oxygen Permeability High
UV Protection Yes
Recommended Wear Time Yes, Up to 16 hours
Disposable Yes, daily

Key Highlights

  • • Infuse One-Day 90 Pack lenses are designed for up to 16 hours of wear.
  • • Over-wearing can lead to discomfort and eye health issues.
  • • The lenses are made from a unique silicone hydrogel material for optimal comfort and oxygen permeability.
  • • Proper handling and adherence to the recommended wear time are crucial for maintaining eye health.
  • • These lenses provide UV protection but should not replace protective eyewear.

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While Infuse One-Day 90 Pack contact lenses offer extended wear time and are designed for comfort and eye health, it is not advisable to wear them for more than the 16-hour suggested duration. Doing so can increase the risk of eye discomfort, dryness, and infections. Users should adhere to the recommended wear time and practice proper lens care for the best experience with these lenses.

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