What Is the Difference Between MyDay 90-Pack and Other Daily CooperVision Lenses?

The MyDay 90-pack from CooperVision stands out from other daily disposable lenses in its range due to its unique combination of Smart Silicone™ chemistry, high oxygen permeability, and Aquaform Technology. These features provide exceptional comfort, clarity, and health benefits for the eye. In contrast, other CooperVision daily lenses may use different materials or focus on specific aspects like astigmatism correction or moisture retention.

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Feature Comparison of CooperVision Daily Lenses

Feature MyDay 90-Pack MyDay Toric MyDay Energys
Material Smart Silicone™ Smart Silicone™ Smart Silicone™
Oxygen Permeability High High High
Moisture Technology Aquaform Aquaform Aquaform
Astigmatism Correction No Yes No
Digital Eye Strain Reduction No No Yes

The Unique Features of MyDay 90-Pack

Material Composition: Smart Silicone™ Chemistry

One of the defining characteristics of MyDay 90-Pack lenses is their Smart Silicone™ chemistry. This innovative material allows for a higher volume of oxygen to pass through the lens to the eye, which is crucial for maintaining eye health and comfort. The silicone channels in the lens material are designed to maximize oxygen transmissibility without compromising on lens softness.

Oxygen Permeability: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Eyes

Oxygen permeability is a critical factor in contact lens comfort and eye health. MyDay 90- Pack lenses boast one of the highest levels of oxygen transmissibility among daily disposables. This feature ensures that your eyes remain white and healthy, reducing the risk of complications associated with oxygen deprivation.

Moisture and Comfort: Aquaform Technology

MyDay 90-Pack lenses incorporate Aquaform Technology, which locks in moisture and maintains lens softness. This technology ensures that the lenses remain comfortable throughout the day, making them an excellent choice for users with dry eyes or those who spend long hours in front of screens.

Comparing MyDay 90-Pack with Other CooperVision Daily Lenses

Focus on Astigmatism: MyDay Toric

While MyDay 90 Pack lenses cater to general vision correction needs, MyDay Toric lenses are specifically designed for astigmatism. They employ Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™ to provide stable and clear vision for those with astigmatism, a feature not present in the regular MyDay 90 Pack.

Enhanced Digital Experience: MyDay Energys

For users who spend significant time on digital devices, CooperVision offers MyDay Energys. These lenses have a design that helps reduce eye strain associated with digital device use, a benefit not directly addressed by MyDay 90-Pack lenses.

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Significant Points: Why Choose MyDay 90 Pack?

  • . High Oxygen Transmission: Ensures eye health and reduces the risk of complications.
  • . Smart Silicone™ Chemistry: Balances oxygen permeability with lens softness.
  • . Aquaform Technology: Locks in moisture for all-day comfort.
  • . Daily Disposable Convenience: Promotes eye health and hygiene.
  • . Technical Specifications: Suitable for a wide range of users, except those with astigmatism.


The MyDay 90-Pack from CooperVision offers a unique blend of features that cater to general vision correction needs with an emphasis on comfort, moisture retention, and high oxygen permeability. While other daily disposables in the CooperVision range may focus on specific needs like astigmatism correction or digital eye strain reduction, the MyDay 90- Pack provides a balanced solution for everyday wear.

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