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*Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions, sales, rewards, or coupon codes.

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Your new shipment will arrive on time and you will automatically save 10% on all future orders. You can simply subscribe to any contact lens product after adding it to the Shopping Cart.

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Will I be notified before my subscription order is processed?

Yes. We will send you an email reminder prior to your scheduled order being processed. If any changes or updates are needed, you have time to let us know.

Can I change the frequency in which I receive my subscription order?

Of course! To make changes to your subscription, go to the Subscriptions tab in your Account. From here, click the Edit button to change the next shipment date, quantity, & frequency of delivery.

What if I order contact lenses & glasses in a subscription order?

Subscriptions are only available for contact lenses. Your contacts will have an automated re-order whereas your glasses will only ship out once.

Can I cancel my subscription with WebEyeCare?

You can always cancel your subscription at any time*. Just send an email to, text us at 215-273-9455 or call us at 888-536-7480 and we will cancel your subscription immediately for you.

Do I need a prescription to sign up for the subscription service?

Subscription orders need to be verified with a valid prescription. If we have a valid prescription for you on file, your subscription order will ship out right away. If we do not have a valid prescription on file, we will contact your doctor’s office for verification of your prescription. Should your prescription expire and you wish to send us a copy of your new prescription, please send it to us to expedite the processing of your order. Take a picture of your new prescription and text it to 215-273-9455, email it to or go to, log in to your account and upload your prescription to “My Account”.

If your prescription expired, go check out our Vision Test to see if you qualify for an online renewal.

What if my payment method changes?

The payment method selected at checkout during Subscription signup will be automatically charged for future orders. If the card on file expires or you simply need to change the payment method we have on file, you can do so from the Subscriptions tab in your account.

If you forgot & we tried to charge a card that is no longer in use, no worries! We'll reach out for updated payment information via email & SMS (if opted in).

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Subscription Terms

The Subscription introductory discount rate of 15% off is limited to one offer per household. This offer is subject to change without notice, and shipping costs may apply for orders under the free shipping minimum purchase amount.

All Subscription orders are placed at the current regular price available on WebEyeCare, Inc. If the price of the item changes, the amount of your Subscription order will also change. The Subscription discount is calculated off the current regular price at the time of order or re-order. Other discounts, sales, & loyalty rewards cannot be combined with the Subscription discount.

If a Subscription order cannot be shipped due to an expired prescription, a valid prescription must be provided prior to the Subscription order being shipped.

*You can cancel free of charge after you have received your first three subscription orders OR if a 1-year supply of product has been purchased. If the Subscription is canceled before your first re-order, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the discount received on your first Subscription order. Subscription accounts that cannot be charged the cancellation fee due to an expired or declined payment method will be flagged & unable to re-subscribe.